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RULES Requirements for Fivem Server Promotion (Sample Topic)

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Oct 5, 2021
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Hello, we found it appropriate for you to get more interaction and to have a better narrative on the topics you need for promotion, apart from the complexity and unnecessary issues that arise due to the intensity of the server promotion. Please enter the server promotion topics you will open carefully.

With these requirements, we do not limit the application that will open any subject. Getting a lead role depends on your strength. However, it would be wrong to open a conversation by skipping these requirements. Your topic can be closed or removed from the show.

The order of the requirements I specified does not matter.

Let me explain the contents for the presentation of the server you will open as follows.

First, give technical information about the server.

You can talk about when it is powered up or when it will be powered up, your virtual server, its problem and management.

Mention later.

You can talk about the state of your economy, the ratio of earnings, professions, modal vehicles and add-ons.

Make it by adding visuals.

The visual adorns the subject you add. Do not forget to add at least 3 in-game visuals.

Do not constantly spam your topic.
The new site of our forum members do not always keep the topic updated.

Finally communicating information.

Contact your social accounts such as Discord, ts3 address, steam etc. Don't forget to share the server ip address as well.

As you will pay attention to the needs before opening the topic, you do not need to open another if you have a promotional topic that you have already opened. You can continue the same issue.


Yours truly,​
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