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Advertisement Slice of Life Roleplay (18+ ESX) | Storytelling Server | discord.gg/slicerp


Sep 29, 2021
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Davenport, IA
⋄ Slice of Life Roleplay 18+ ⋄
♥ What We Offer:
➥ Custom civilian owned businesses
➥ Social Media in game
➥ Tons of custom clothes and hair
➥ Realistic Universe with unique stories told!
➥ Welcoming, Friendly, And Active Staff And Members
➥ Well optimized, low lag server with active development

♥ Who Are We:These are a few incredible things that we feel sets our community, Slice of Life apart from other FiveM servers. Our community is truly tight knit like a family, with many memories that have spanned over a year, plus. From yeeting from Mt. Chilliad in a jeep with a single parachute that just breaks to the pants bandit. From serial killers leaving trails of clues for PD, and storylines connecting people of all circles, we are here to do one thing: tell stories.

Slice of Life was started with a dream to have a server dedicated to the art of storytelling. We are all passionate about the stories we weave, and the resources to tell them to a more immersive level.

With custom clothing, scripts, an active staff and development team with a continuously growing community, SOL is the place we’d love for you to call home.

So come take a flight in!

♥ Departments:
➥ SSMS ¦ Sol State Medical Services - hiring!
➥ SSP ¦ Sol State Police - hiring!
➥ FIB ¦ Federal Investigative Beauru
➥ SCFR ¦ Sol City Fire and Rescue - hiring!
➥ DOC ¦ Department of Corrections - hiring!
➥ DOJ ¦ Department of Justice - hiring!


♥ Requirements
➥ Must be 18 years of age or older
➥ Must have a working microphone
➥ Must own a full legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V for PC (Steam or Rockstar Launcher)
➥ Must be in the Discord

► Join us:

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