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RULES Subject rules

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Oct 5, 2021
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- Those who leave unnecessary comments under the topics will first be warned and then ban sanction will be applied.

- Fivem Files - If the people who do not give money after receiving the installation or sell the Fivem Files - Installation and buy the money and do not give the Fivem Files - Installation, a ban sanction is applied.

- People who want to organize and sell a free shared Fivem File are free to sell. (This is between the buyer and the seller, there is nothing to interfere with.)

- The seller or buyer person has to open a single topic. (It has to introduce the files or add-ons it sells in one subject)

- Received Fivem Files - If you say the installation is not working, broken etc. after a while and the vendor proves that it works, a ban sanction will be applied to you.

- Fivem Files - If you haven't received a promise of support from the person after getting the installation, do not wait for them to provide support.

- Fivem Files - Ask the vendor for a demo or proof if you don't want to pay money without an installation.

- Warming of files and scripts sold in the paid section - sales and sharing of files obtained by illegal and 3rd party programs
it is forbidden to do it.

- It is forbidden to give a phone number or sell on whatsapp.

- Fivemturk does not give guarantees for purchases made with people and people. All responsibility belongs to you. Fivemturk.com is the only tool.

- Advertising, (including Forum, Site Style Ads)

- Spam, Flooding is prohibited.

- It is forbidden to post adult and abusive content (+18).

- It is forbidden to share Facebook page / profile link, website address.

- A system sold by someone else in the forum, the file cannot be bought and sold by someone else.

- With the ban, users' topics will be deleted and they will not be able to sell / prohibited.

- A system sold by someone else in the forum can be put up for sale or distributed for free by editing a file.

- Unless a legal warning is received for any system, graphic, file that is not sold in the forum, a ban is not imposed.

- All kinds of systems, files, graphics distributed free of charge by the producer can be offered by others for a fee or free of charge in a different system. The free distributor is deemed to have accepted this.
- Whether it is on sale or not, it can be offered for sale by different people by making various arrangements and can be shared free of charge (The responsibility for not leaking the files belongs to the producer.)

- To warn the subject owner or those who write comments in an inappropriate style or to report their views in an inappropriate style, open the same topic (topic repetition), your topic will be locked.

As in the General Rules of the Forum, it is strictly forbidden to send insulting, insulting, insulting, swearing messages to individuals or institutions.
You can inform us about the issues that do not comply with the rules or disturbing messages, your message, the subject or the message.
Not open for further replies.

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