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Guide Updating Fivem Frameworks Files


Jul 4, 2021
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✌️Hello VAG Forum Family✌️
Today I'm going to show you how to update old versions of infrastructure files, which is the main problem for all of us

🟠Let's Update Artifacts Versions

1)Please Login to This Site 👉 Link
2)Press the part I marked in the image below and it will start to load automatically


3)Throw the files in the rar file in the image below to the main part of your package. Click yes to the warning that will appear in front of you


🟢Artifacts Update Part is Over

1)Download the specified file from the Github link I will give you 👉
2)Drop the essentialmode-6.4.2 File in the RAR File on the Right to the Section I Specified on the Left

3)Delete essentialmode file after discarding
4)We change the name of the essentialmode-6.4.2 file that you have taken from the rar file as essentialmode


🔴Now Let's Update Our es_extended File

1)Please Download the File Specified from the Github Link I Specified 👉

2)Open the Downloaded File Open the es_extended file you are currently using and delete the es_extended you are using now. Add the file in the rar as in the Image


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