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Advertisement Welcome to HighCaliberRP! Join now! Serious RP | Active Staff | Whitelist Only | Hiring EMS, PD, Gang Leaders


Nov 8, 2021
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Welcome to HighCaliberRP, an RP server that aims to provide players with the most realistic and rewarding RP experience they could possibly have. Looking for RPers of all skill levels! Our strong core community is always willing to foster the growth of newer RPers and help guide them in the direction they want their characters to go. Our server might be new, but because of that there is are near limitless opportunities for establishing yourself and making a name (famous or infamous, you decide).

Our City offers:
  • Civilian Jobs: Trucking, Taxi, Tow Truck, Restaurant, Garbage Collection, Diving
  • Whitelist Jobs: Police, EMS, Mechanic, Car Salesperson, Motorcycle Salesperson, Real Estate Agent
  • Criminal Activity: Banks, Jewelry, Armored Bank Truck, House Robberies, Chop Shop, drug trade, gun trade, and much more!
  • Real Estate: Almost all houses around the map are purchasable! Our Real Estate agents will work with you through process and help you select the custom interior you want for your home.
  • Community-Led Committee: Our committee of elected members helps provide upward feedback to our staff and be a guiding force for change in the city with regard to rules or improvements. All players have equal opportunity if interested to be elected into this committee
Everything above is the basics around why our city works but is by no means where we stop! We value our community's ideas on how to make the server better, so there are dedicated channels for idea submission and voting!

Our players make our server what it is, so if you're interested we'd love to have you. Let them know that Cooper McNeil brought you.

Thank you, and I look forward to meeting all of you in the city!

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