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Jul 4, 2021
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✌️Hello VAG Forum Family✌️

From what I've seen on the forum
full to person data values and resmon values
they don't judge and everyone says different things
I will explain this in detail.

What is Resmon❓

🔹Resmon values are a variable table depending on one's processor. it can give low values on a good processor and higher values on a medium processor.
(You can open the table by typing resmon 1 in f8, close the table by typing resmon 0)

Why does the Resmon increase❓

🔹The "while true do" loops used in Citizen.CreateThread(function() in the scripts cause the resmon to increase.
and the more it is used in a script, the higher the script's remon value.

So how can I lower the Resmon values❓

🔹I'll leave it here about this topic link it will help you enough

What are MySQL values❓

🔹MySQL values are the table that shows how much your server is tiring the server (machine) part, this does not change from person to person.
(You can access the table by typing mysql in f8.)

Why do MySQL values increase❓

🔹MySQL values are values that occur when transferring data from data to script in server side files in scripts.
If I pull the whole users table instead of having a name and surname in a table, the values will increase 2 or 3 times

What does MySQL do❓

🔹MySQL values are the table showing how tired your server is and after how much time it can crash
For example, let's take an example from disc, let's say your server draws 64 and when a person moves an item from a slot to one of the slots.
It will update it to the data and let's think that 64 people will do it, it will multiply the data values into millions, so
Lagging of the nuis on the server will cause problems such as the server crashing after a while.

What does ESXV1 Final do❓

🔹es_extended final version does not use essentialmode and more simplified than normal extended and it is optimized version you use v1 final Even if your server's data values reach millions using v1 final doesn't mean it will remove Using disc will tire your server again The server never crashes because you are using v1 final There is no such thing, again, data values determine this. Using v1 final will provide fps+

What does ghmattimysql do❓

🔹ghmattimysql transfers data from data to script faster than normal mysql-async.
Using ghmattimysql does not reduce data values, just faster data transfer.

How do I optimize MySQL values❓

🔹For example, instead of pulling a users table completely as I said above ( exports.ghmattimysql:execute(SELECT * FROM users )
just having the name and surname extracted will allow me to optimize these values ( exports.ghmattimysql:execute(SELECT firstname, lastname FROM users )
If I give another example, instead of updating the data when a disc carries an item from a slot to a slot, when I close the inventory, I see which item in which slot.
updating it will make the disk more optimized. This can be done in many different ways.

What is Serverside Resmon❓

🔹Serverside resmon is the value you type and open cmd resmon 1 on your machine.
These values change according to the sql updates of the instant players. with the machine
it has nothing to do with how many people the package makes your machine tired.
you can test and understand mysql values to reduce this resmon
You just need to optimize it. (not valid for scripts using c# like saltychat)

I hope i was helpful🤷‍♀️
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