1. SNR

    PAID 🥵 Animation Position Script [All Framework (Standalone)]

    A script where you can position the animations as you want! Features; Its working all frameworks (Standalone) You can make all the settings from Config! Distance limit and fully bug fix! When not in use 0.00 Resmon # Updated to version 1.1 - Infinity sync optimization has been performed...
  2. DevAllCompatibility

    Script HoodRich5M AnimationPack V3

    I give you the animation menu of HoodRich5M V3, it is super complete with a lot of animation Je vous donne le menu d'animation de HoodRich5M V3, il est super complet avec beaucoup d'animation
  3. Script idle animation

    Does anyone here have an idle animation script like this?
  4. Meeth

    PAID [QBCore/ESX] Advanced Erotic Menu With Custom Animations

    461×1079 54.7 KB config1189×757 49.5 KB log554×917 41.7 KB [QBCore/ESX] Advanced Erotic Menu With Custom Animations Uptade Easy adjustable config. Fully optimized. Responsive Design. Works with qb or esx. Has dc log feature There are around 20 animations on...
  5. Meeth

    PAID [STANDALONE] Emote Menu (+1600 Emotes)

    Updates [STANDALONE] Emote Menu | ZM EMOTE MENU Easy adjustable config. Fully optimized. Responsive Design. Works with qb or esx. It contains more than 1600 animations. You can easily add your own extra animations. Stores all user information without using sql. There are also animal...
  6. ghdh262

    Script Nopixel animation assets

    Hi all. Has anyone found assets with np with their custom animations? If so, it would be great to know where they are.
  7. Jihan

    Request ESX Ambulance Job Reviving Animation

    Looking for this ambulance job animation
  8. 𝖇𝖚̈𝕾̧ 𝖒𝖔𝖉𝖘

    PAID Fivem Tiktok Dance Animation Menu ^ +1500 NEW CUSTOM ANİMATİON

    Hello. In this animation menu, we can find hip-hop dances, tiktok current dances and many gang hand movements. It also features excellent postures and hand gestures created for women. it is a regular dp emotes menu. Special animations are integrated into it. VİDEO NEW DİSCORD
  9. S00RAJ


  10. cfxregame

    Script [ESX] Advanced arrest animation system

    Advanced Arrest Animation This is a little Arrest Animation for Police to arrest other players using a gun Many people have requested this so please Enjoy My first and last release, so please go easy on me This does not feature the cuffing TriggerEvent, you will need to add it yourself as...