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  1. Script [FREE] FIRE-AC Anticheat *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights...
  2. PAID ClownGuard | Best FIVEM Anticheat | Beta

    🚀 Introducing ClownGuard - Elevating Fair Play on FiveM! 🚀 Are you tired of disruptive exploits and unfair advantages ruining the gaming experience on your FiveM server? Look no further! We proudly present ClownGuard, your ultimate solution for a cheat-free, fair, and secure gaming environment...
  3. LoopAntidote


    Title speaks for itself, I'm not wasting my time on a thread design as we are of-course still in our development phase but to give a bit of insight into the project I'll list off some notable features in the works. To begin, we have a dedicated AI Model integrated within our Anti Cheat. Our...
  4. NiaouBreGatoula

    PAID Pegasus Anticheat - Most Powerful and Affordable FiveM Anticheat | [FREE LIFETIME GIVEAWAY] !

    The Pegasus Project - Join our Discord Introducing the Most Powerful and Affordable FiveM Anticheat | Secure Your Server Today ! About Us - PegasusAC History The inception of Pegasus Anticheat originated from a simple yet compelling idea: crafting a script that could discern players...
  5. Script Anti cheat " FuxiaTrash " An anti cheat that blocks 80% of mod menu I put time to the config for your and my security existing database with already cheat no - eulen - cipher ect
  6. Schizo

    Anticheat Iron Shield Anti Cheat [Free]

    This is Iron Shield Best Anticheat for Fivem Server, Now Say bye to Cheaters..!! I found this Anticheat on Internet & It says that it's Escrow Remove.. But I really No idea how Anticheat work so Sharing this So if its working for you, Please Comment below so Others also get...
  7. ylean

    PAID [PAID] Artificial Intelligence Powered Anticheat

    Stand out in the world of FiveM with our revolutionary anticheat system! We offer more than just standard protections. Our anticheat is based on an advanced neural network that analyzes player screenshots, detecting any attempts at cheating. We don’t just protect against lua cheat menus - our...
  8. AxelBoi

    Anticheat [PAID] mrp-anticheat

    This is a ESX anti-cheat used by Midnight RP! Price for it is $94.56 or £76.01 Dollar sign is for US Pound sign is for UK Add me on discord to talk: Charlie. D#8144 Money goes towards getting my nan a birthday present.
  9. PAID Anti Client Files (Anti big hit box - magic bullet - no prop - damage boost - soft aim)

    • Hello, a protection that you can edit as you wish • If the person makes a move that will destroy the gun during the test phase, he will give the gun to the person and repeat the test until he finishes the test. • You can set many post-test and pre-test settings through the configuration. • You...
  10. Guide Exodus Effect

    Official Website –
  11. rafa203gt

    Anticheat ⛔ - STP_ChocoHax[/MEDIA] DOWNLOAD : *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  12. z4ue

    Script [QB/ESX] Hacker Jump scare

  13. z4ue

    Script [ESX] JD-Logs

  14. PAID fiveShield - Eulen detection

    For Buy: Discord Link
  15. 30% discount Warden Anticheat | Cheapest Best AntiCheat !

    Hello friends! # Features + Special Json Ban System + Anti God Mode + Anti Ragdoll + Anti Invisible + Anti Spectate + Anti Speed Hacks + Anti Thermal Vision + Anti Night Vision + Anti Menyoo + Anti Give Armor + Anti Super Jump + Anti Infinite Stamina + Anti Vehicle Speed + Anti Mod Menu Crash +...
  16. Anticheat LightAC - Cracked

    Some crappy paste lmao they used vlicense it were pretty easy to crack... I can't deobfuscate it sorry... Could only get the obfuscated source behind vlicense. This is NOT my script. They used a licensing system for iplock which is...
  17. Anticheat Simple "FREE ANTICHEAT"

    Common detections on pretty common menus. Configure the anticheat in ac_config.lua Please rep after use :D