1. Ares

    Anticheat Badger-Anticheat (actually works)

    Badger-Anticheat Badger’s Official Anticheat [code inspirations from DevLanceGood and Bluethefurry on GitHub] What it can stop? · Stops modder noclip · Stops modder spectating · Stops modder fake chat messages · Stops modder peds from being spawned · Stops MOST modder props (NOTE: Sometimes...
  2. Ares

    Anticheat M_Anticheat | vRP | Good protection

    = Information = What is this about? • Hello guys! • This Anticheat is only working in vRP! • I create this anticheat to help fivem community stopping the modder’s and people who doesn’t know how to make their server protection this will maybe help and stop modders from spawning guns & ramps. •...
  3. Ares

    Anticheat AppleCheat - Anti-Cheat v1.2

    Hello, your Apple is back! My next release was planned to be different, but seems like there are alot of servers currently being possessed by cheaters. I decided to code a quick anti-cheat and haven’t really tested it yet that much (I am not able to test with multiple players). It seems like...
  4. Lilibeth

    Script Fire Rate Cheat Blocker

    As we know, FiveM is a good answer to friends who edit weapons.meta and cheat, you can add weapons from local firerate and set the maximum fire rate. If you ask what is the Fire Rate Cheat, when you edit the fire rate example of the weapons, heavy, and make it like ap, it will be no different...
  5. Ares

    Anticheat New AntiCheat

    What Are the Properties of Anticheatin: - Blacklist Explosions - Blacklisted Weapons - AntiWords - BlacklistProps - BlacklistTools - BlacklistPeds Is it really all cheat resistant: Of course no, I don't know all cheat menu methods very well but I think it will prevent what I wrote above...