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  1. abimmxd

    Anticheat 🛡️ 7777Premium | Anti Cheat + SQL File

    *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ****** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***

    Hi VAG, I've got something new that all of you needed before - FiveM API-ANTICHEAT How it works: Buy here: https://api-anticheat.com, api-anticheat.com Prices: €25/month €60/year Tokenizer: €15/month €35/year
  3. lukis

    Anticheat 🛡️ | Simple Anticheat

    Hello VAG users, I present you a simple anticheat pack, it has seperated scripts, which works like a anticheat, good for a simple FiveM server. https://anonfiles.com/U5b9ud4by4/Anticheat_rar...
  4. Poisskail_

    PAID Neptune Anticheat | Best Anticheat 2022 | Anti Executors

    Neptune Anticheat Features List Detections 🔱 Anti Menus Injection 99% 🔱 Anti Trigger Client Events With Executor 🔱 Anti Trigger Events 🔱 Anti Give Money 🔱 Anti Track Player 🔱 Anti Health/Armor Hack 🔱 Anti AFK Injections 🔱 Anti AimAssist 🔱 Anti NUI Devtools 🔱 Anti Resource Start/Stop 🔱 Anti ASI...
  5. PAID fiveShield - Eulen detection

    For Buy: Discord Link
  6. MIXASofficial

    PAID Eulen Detection

    This project is free to all MIXAS AntiCheat customers. Check AntiCheat Topic --> 10% discount - MIXAS ANTİCHEAT | REALLY BEST OF THE FİVEM 🔥 If you want to buy this without MIXAS AntiCheat Lifetime = 100€ Video Showcase
  7. 30% discount Warden Anticheat | Cheapest Best AntiCheat !

    Hello friends! # Features + Special Json Ban System + Anti God Mode + Anti Ragdoll + Anti Invisible + Anti Spectate + Anti Speed Hacks + Anti Thermal Vision + Anti Night Vision + Anti Menyoo + Anti Give Armor + Anti Super Jump + Anti Infinite Stamina + Anti Vehicle Speed + Anti Mod Menu Crash +...
  8. MIXASofficial

    10% discount Backdoor (Cipher-Ketamin) Detection

    This project for backdoor (Cipher- Ketamin) detection What is cipher and ketamin? Features; -%100 detection ketamin and cipher -its working for windows -licensed Prices ; Lifetime = 40€ How can i buy this product ? Come to my discord --> Discord
  9. MIXASofficial


    Hi dear Friends, Im owner of MIXAS AntiCheat. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why you should choose MIXAS AC? + 400 Happy Customer from all around the world.(Thailand,Romania,Turkey,Korea,Germany,Sweden,Italia etc.) -No...
  10. Anticheat LightAC - Cracked

    Some crappy paste lmao they used vlicense it were pretty easy to crack... I can't deobfuscate it sorry... Could only get the obfuscated source behind vlicense. https://www.mediafire.com/file/pzzizt3lurd4gyx/LightAC.rar/file This is NOT my script. They used a licensing system for iplock which is...
  11. zImSkillz

    Discord Project Lyxos [FiveM Secruity & Scripts] (AntiCheat, AntiBackdoor......)

    Discord: Project Lyxos ~ zImSkillz#4906
  12. Anticheat FireAC AntiCheat leaked

    Full source go use it :) https://www.mediafire.com/file/5eyhvgiszsu7qc4/FireACSource.rar/file
  13. Sales FiveEyeAC - fiveeyac.com

    Hello, welcome to this new thread. I want to present you FiveEye FiveM AntiCheat. Our anticheat developed to be the best solution against cheaters on the platform. FiveEye is a 100% independent anticheat, always at the forefront of technologies and security. If you are looking for an...
  14. Anticheat Simple "FREE ANTICHEAT"

    Common detections on pretty common menus. Configure the anticheat in ac_config.lua https://www.mediafire.com/file/uii2f4wnwy0semc/AC.rar/file Please rep after use :D
  15. Script Simple AntiVPN

    FiveM VPN Blocker To install, place the folder "fg-blockvpn" inside of your "resources" folder and add "start fg-blockvpn" to your server.cfg https://www.mediafire.com/file/y6pujnn1so5eu2o/blockvpn.rar/file
  16. xXNozZ4RrxX

    Anticheat xXxRioAntiCheatxXx

    my old TigoAntiCheat Based with Global Banlist by Cyanide
  17. Anticheat FIREAC Anticheat

    Requirements: menuv discord-screenshot Features: Client Side Protecet : Anti Track Player's Anti Health Hack Anti Armor Hack Anti Infinity Ammo Anti Spactate Anti Ragdoll Anti Menyoo Anti Aim Assist Anti Infinite Stamina Anti Aim Bot Anti Spactate Anti Black List Weapon Anti Add Weapon Anti...
  18. KappaAppak


  19. KappaAppak

    Anticheat [Waveshield]

  20. KappaAppak

    Script [Chocohax]


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