1. runkzein


  2. Anticheat [RARE][NEWEST] CRTX Anticheat

    First 48 lines of config: This anticheat have all detections and screen detect!!
  3. Script WaveShield
  4. Plako

    Anticheat 🛡️ 29'Premium - Anticheat - SQL File - The Best Anticheat - NO IPLOCK

    There is the 29'Premium Anticheat, The Best Anticheat You Can Find. CHEAT BLOCKED : - TZ - EULEN - HX CHEATS - RED ENGINE - AND MORE Download 29'Premium Anticheat
  5. Tiniry

    Anticheat lastest chocohax 🍫 source code

    threaten to sue me for using a lynx logo lets see what u gonna do for a full source code leak idiot the scripts are deobfuscated and decompiled so they will look lil bit diffrent but the most important is there by 👑 kkonann 👑
  6. PanameraDev

    PAID Sell Selfmade AntiCheat Open Source [unencrypted]

    Hello everyone, I am selling my anticheat for FiveM! The AntiCheat is sold unencrypted and with the associated Discordbots for license key generation ect. This AntiCheat is Selfcoded, and have no Bugs! The AntiCheat includes the following features: -------- Executors Blocks -------- - Anti...
  7. Script 🔥 🔥 mBossmenu 🔥 🔥

    *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** 🔥 🔥
  8. Psk

    PAID SecurGate | FiveM Anticheat | Instant cheats detections 🛡️

    🚀 Revolutionize Your FiveM Gaming Experience with SecurGate ! Say goodbye to cheaters! Our advanced technologies ensure maximum protection against all types of cheats. 💡 Incredible Features Instant detection of All D3D10.dll cheats Instant detection of Eulen Instant detection of TZ Project...
  9. Nioz51010

    Script EasyAdminUpdate

    bonjour voici un script complet et facile admin panel anti eulen et redengine
  10. Themej

    Sales I sell Phoenix AC Fivem

    Hi, I own the gold edition from Phoenix AC, original price is 150e, I will sell for 70 euros. If you are interested, write to my Discord : Dejdik
  11. PAID ClownGuard | Best FIVEM Anticheat | Beta

    🚀 Introducing ClownGuard - Elevating Fair Play on FiveM! 🚀 Are you tired of disruptive exploits and unfair advantages ruining the gaming experience on your FiveM server? Look no further! We proudly present ClownGuard, your ultimate solution for a cheat-free, fair, and secure gaming environment...
  12. Script FiveSafe: Advanced FiveM AntiCheat System

    Elevate your FiveM server's security with FiveSafe, the most advanced anti-cheat solution on the market. Our cutting-edge technology goes beyond traditional measures, providing comprehensive detection for every possible mod menu exploit. FiveSafe logs crucial information such as IP addresses...
  13. Tiniry

    Anticheat [FREE] Vitashield #1 fivem anticheat

    QB anticheat
  14. andrew2312

    PAID Fiveshield Anticheat

    🛡️ Introducing FiveShield Anticheat - Your Ultimate Guardian in the Gaming Realm! Are cheaters ruining the gaming experience for your community? Say goodbye to unwanted disruptions with FiveShield, the most robust anticheat solution designed for FiveM. 🌟 Key Features: - Proactive Protection...
  15. Anticheat Pack of 2 Best Anti-Cheat FiveM | WaveShield and GodzillaAC V2

    For download the pack : Preview of WaveShield anticheat : Preview of Godzilla anticheat :
  16. Ciastekbatak

    PAID Fiveguard Anticheat 🔥🛡️

    Fiveguard FiveM Anticheat Protect Your Server with FiveGuard AntiCheat Are you a server owner tired of dealing with hackers? FiveGuard is here to help! Over 1 Million Cheaters Banned in the Last Year Alone! Now with our Anti Aimbot Algorithm you will receive logs of any player who try to use...
  17. NiaouBreGatoula

    PAID Pegasus Anticheat - Most Powerful and Affordable FiveM Anticheat | [FREE LIFETIME GIVEAWAY] !

    The Pegasus Project - Join our Discord Introducing the Most Powerful and Affordable FiveM Anticheat | Secure Your Server Today ! About Us - PegasusAC History The inception of Pegasus Anticheat originated from a simple yet compelling idea: crafting a script that could discern players...
  18. jett

    Sales [QB-CORE] selling my keymaster scripts 50% OFF

    Hello there! I had a roleplay server which closed, now i am looking to sell the scripts for 50% off! I can even go lower i am negotiable If you are interested please contact me on discord: jettj_
  19. IamZync

    Sales [QB-CORE] Selling my keymaster scripts! >50% OFF!

    Hello there! I am quitting FiveM after nearly 3 years of server-management, and therefore I am selling the scripts i have acquired through time. Prices are to be negotiated, but are at least 50% off from the original price. If any of the scripts are of interest to you, please contact me on...
  20. keriyem

    Script [FREE] Clientloader (AntiDump)

    Clientloader (AntiDump) Description With our script you can protect your scripts from dumps very easily and above all very securely. Specified files are loaded server-side and executed client-side encrypted. OPEN SOURCE NOW Showcase Link to the Showcase Video (NEW) Features - Easy & Fast...