1. cfxregame

    Script [ESX] Multi-Paychecks with BT-TARGET and RPROGRESS

    ab7831cbcbe060b07e4abcf658b1f5c8a54bd219764×450 50 KB Advanced script for paycheck in any kind of job (in the video shown it was configured in the es_extended itself to get a paycheck instead of making it to the bank. You have to walk to the city hall and claim it, more interactive) You can...
  2. cfxregame

    PAID RicX Dances

    RicX Dances With this script, server owners can give an option to dance for their players. Players can dance any time and can change between dance types and styles. RDR2 RedM Scripts - RicX Dances 1. Features Easy to config Low CPU usage 2. How to Install Put ricx_dances into...
  3. cfxregame

    Script VORP weaponsv2

    This is a weapons shop/management script made for vorp. Redm Weapons Script Vorp_weaponsv2 weapons shop weapons crafting with job locks weapons customization weapons are easy to add on the server and lock specific weapons to specific jobs etc GitHub VORPCORE/vorp_weaponsv2 33...
  4. cfxregame

    Advertisement Faroeste Roleplay Server - RedM

    Faroeste Roleplay Server 1.0v This is the source code for Faroeste Roleplay when it’s 1.0 version was released We’re not sure if everything is working as should, as we’ve abandoned it some time ago, still, it’s pretty advanced and has some unique features to it. We figured out it’d be better...