1. include workshop

    PAID [PAID] [QBCore] [ESX] inc_dicegame showcase

    The IncludeScripts Casino Dice Game is a thrilling and popular casino game that revolves around the concept of dice. Players begin by setting a range, which could be any series of numbers they believe the dice will land on. This range directly influences their winning probability and the...
  2. 2dot-dev

    PAID BlackJack Casino Script

    BlackJack Script QB/ESX Compatible Credit Withdraw - Deposit system Detailed webhook logs Win streak future Json data for balances Compatible for all languages Different sounds for attractions 0.00ms on client / server side BlackJack Escrowed : Tebex BlackJack Open Source: Tebex JOIN DISCORD...
  3. 2dot-dev

    PAID Slot Machine 3D [QB-ESX]

    Featuers QB/ESX Compatible Turbo spin & Auto spin Congifurable chance settings Configurable game symbols and pngs History button that you can check last games Configurable min-max bet Multiplier feature 1x-3x-5x Choose one of 3 different freespins Detailed webhook logs Json data for balances...
  4. breef

    PAID K4MB1 Diamond Casino and Heist Interior

    Hello, who has this interior? Please share the link..
  5. SM_trades

    PAID AdnanBerandai - Pipeline Inn Restaurant & Casino

    if you want this mlo open ticket here Join the ⭐ 𝐒𝐌 𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐬 & 𝐅𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐦 𝐒𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐞 ⭐ Discord Server!
  6. Wizz Chang

    PAID [MLO] Paleto Casino

    Paleto Bay Casino interior (click here to buy!) Preiview Location:
  7. Sales Scripts from Keymaster: parkour, rhpd, casino, etc

    I have several scripts from my keymaster for sale and they are: 20 EURO - Parkour Abilities - 35 EURO - ROCKFORD HILLS PD - 42 EURO - Rcore Casino - 9 EURO - sfjob - 18 EURO - sfphone - 9 EURO - sfbanking - 18 EURO - sfctab - 45 EURO - QS Dispatch and MDT -
  8. Carskut

    MLO/YMAP Clawles: Casino Los Santos

    Download *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** Preview:
  9. PatrickWajong

    Script ESX Casino Complete!

    ESX Complete Casino: - MLO - Luckywheel - 55 working slots - Roulette - Atm outside casino - Buy / Sellshop Casino Chips read the README file! **only the sound of slots doesnt work** Grtz Patrick Wajong *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text...
  11. Alex00


    The Grand Korrigan (Casino Boat) | FıveM - Original RDR2 Grand Korrigan (Orijinal RDR2 Grand Korrigan Haritası) - Original Texture / Color (Orijinal Doku / Renk) - Interior & Exterior (İç & Dış) - High Quality MLO (Yüksek Kaliteli MLO) Video : Price: 30EUR + TAX (Vergi) RDR2 Grand...
  12. PatrickWajong

    Script closed

  13. PatrickWajong

    Script Closed

  14. UX_Systems

    PAID Roulette (ESX & QBCore)

    Description about UX_Roulette: UX_Roulette represents one of the most liked gambling games in the world on your FiveM-Server in which a player can bet on numbers, colors, columns, dozens and odd and even. After the player had placed all bets he can start the spin and the wheel starts to rotate...
  15. polisei


    We wanted to give players a social roleplay area bigger than ussual motel maps. The light color and logo design can be change. In the photos kaos name and logos is belongs to Kaos Roleplay server. Info : Polisei#0035 You Are İnvited To Polisei Design Discord...
  16. Bry an

    Script Casino premium pack - FiveM

    this casino pack include: - maps - roulette - blackjack - slots - wheels - casino job link : download here
  17. Script Casino script and MLO

    Download link as file is to large
  18. Request ESX Casino Script | Rage UI

    Hey Guys, im looking for a good, working Casino Script with Rage UI, like VNS, Unfortunately i havent found a working script since now. I would like to trade with the UncleJust Casino MLO. Thanks :)
  19. Request Casino MLO Unclejust

    Hey does someone have the casino mlo from unclejust ?
  20. kullmap94

    Script All casino

    All casino games are converted to cash and chips including maps Video :