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  1. GKan

    Script Rare Services Chat

  2. ElixLeaks


    We sell all GFX Development SOURCE CODE scripts at a minimum of 50% off. We have 100% proof and over 100 positive feedbacks. All scripts come from our clients who purchased them at full price from GFX and then came to us for technical support. They are all 100% functional and we also provide...
  3. Script OkOkChat - Latest - NO IP LOCK - NO ENCRYPT [FULLY WORKING]

    Preview: Download: okokChatv2 Enjoy and have fun :)
  4. Script OkokChatV2

    Heres the link: okokChatV2.rar - AnonFiles
  5. Script DELETED

  6. Hirohito

    Guide how to remove standard chat (needs help)

    Hello i'm just starting to try and make/code a FiveM server, i already regret it, i'm a fucking numti when it comes to QB, but I would like some help to remove the Standart, chat/I don't know wtf this is, but i don't like it and it gotta f***** off my screen, so if anyone knows please help, or...
  7. RafaEl.Zgz

    Script okokChatV2 - QBCore and ESX

    Hello, I bring you the okokChatV2 ESX version converted by me to QBCore (The file contains both versions). Make sure to read the README.md ‼️ UPDATE: ATTENTION [Only QBCore Version] - I notice that the PM command doesn´t work, you need to edit line 824 in server.lua to xTargetName =...

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