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    Welcome to Tropical Roleplay! Here we offer: Active staff Friendly Users and staff Amazing Scripts, cars, mlos, and much more! Always taking community advice and suggestions AND SO MUCH MORE!! Join Here Today: Join the Tropical Roleplay Discord Server!
  2. EnvyRP

    Advertisement EnvyRP ‖ Serious Roleplay ‖ Whitelist ‖ Active Police ‖ Active Staff

    So, you’re looking for a place to call home in the RP World? Well look no further than EnvyRP! EnvyRP is an 18+, US Based, Serious RP Server. While we may be a new server, we’re not new to RP. We have assembled a team of experienced roleplayers to help drive EnvyRP to greatness! Here at EnvyRP...
  3. Advertisement Straition County Roleplay | Fire & EMS | BCSO, SAST, SAHP, LSPD

    Straition County Roleplay is a popular FiveM server that offers players a highly immersive and realistic roleplaying experience. The server is set in San Andreas and features a variety of different departments and organizations that players can join and interact with. Overall, Straition County...
  4. anotherbeardman


    JOIN OUR COMMUNITY TODAY! LOGIC RP is a serious roleplay server that was recently launched and looking for all players to join our commmunity. We offer you a realistic economy with many things including both legal, illegal, and whitelisted (POLICE, EMS, MECH, ETC) jobs. Our server has active...
  5. becq0666

    Advertisement I'm looking for an admin to share for my Discord script share server

    I am looking for an admin to share on my 1500 person server. I'm looking for an admin to share for my Discord script share server discord:emirdemirkan0#3005 discord server:Join the SIFIЯ'6 Discord Server!
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    >Good Roleplay Experiance >Always Looking For People To Join Any Departments >Always Follow The Rules >Have Fun And Make Sure To Follow Staff Join The Server Today Join the Virginia Coast Roleplay (VCRP) FIVEM Discord Server!
  7. SouthsideRoleplay

    Advertisement Southside Roleplay | Newly formed server | Friendly community | Active Player base | vMenu

    This Is Southside Roleplay! Southside Roleplay is a server that is coming very close to it’s launch date! We’re excited to announce that we have put a lot of hard work and extended time into development to ensure the best possible roleplay experience for everyone. We want to invite YOU to the...
  8. Unity Roleplay

    Advertisement Unity Roleplay | Open Beta | Allowlisted | Discord:

    UnityRP is a growing community of people aiming to bring the most immersive Roleplay experience imaginable right to your screens, with continuous improvements and an active Staff Team making sure your experience is more and more enjoyable every second! Community feedback and values are...
  9. caqri

    Looking For Staff [NEW] XR-S Roleplay - Looking for staff | Looking for crews

    [NEW] XR-S Roleplay - Looking for staff | Looking for crews Why should you choose us? Because XR-S Roleplay will be available shortly, it will have unique roleplay rules, scripts, and a distinct advancement path than other servers. What will be the duties of the staffs? We will do things...
  10. Abelsson

    Advertisement Joutai State Roleplay : RE

    Server name: "Joutai State Roleplay | Revamped" ---------------------------------------- "Welcome to your second home!" We have been around for about two years and did have to do a complete rebuild of the server, updating the framework and all of our assets for the best experience that we can...
  11. brad780p

    Advertisement United Kingdom RP l UKRP

    United Kingdom RP l UKRP What is United Kingdom RP l UKRP? United Kingdom RP , or short name (UKRP) This server is new only opened for public on the 21/1/22. Why should you pick this server? This server has pure loyalty and is more about the quality of roleplay instead of how many numbers...
  12. CentralSammOnTop

    Advertisement Prevail RP

    Prevail Roleplay is a community driven server that thrives on bringing fun, serious, & creative roleplay scenarios to every member. Standing at over 1,000 members, we have launched our way into the next chapter of FiveM roleplay. Whether you're patrolling the streets as an officer, plotting your...
  13. Rambler

    Advertisement Republic Of Roleplay (Serious RP)

    Server Name - Republic Of Roleplay RORP Join Link - Discord - Features - Police/EMS, Whitelisted Gangs, Custom Businesses and MLOs, Player Owned Stores, Custom Import Vehicles, Legal And Illegal Work. ☆☆☆ What is RORP? ☆☆☆ ☆ The Republic Of...
  14. M Notch

    Advertisement The Hub RP | New Roleplay Server | Custom Cars | Custom EUP

    Welcome to The Hub RP. A brand new and upcoming best GTA RP Community. We feature a wide variety of things to do for every type of FiveM Player. We pride ourselves on providing well maintained, stable environment with Experienced leaders, players and staff members, to make sure everything is...