1. Advertisement $75 Prize In City | 18+| LGBTQ Friendly| Serious RP| Custom Clothing Packs| Open PD, EMS, Staff Apps|

    Are you looking for a serious RP server with a Realistic Economy? If so, then you are in luck! Venoms World RP is a recently launched GTA RP server that was designed with our e-girlies in mind who are looking for some quality time. We are a Whitelisted FiveM Community that aims to give its...
  2. Script Police Tackle

  3. CheyannaBananna

    Advertisement *NEW CITY* DevilsDeedRP✴Looking for COPS, EMS, CIVS, GANGS✴SeriousRP✴ACTIVE STAFF✴DRUGS✴IMPORTS✴

    Do you want a headstart in a BRAND NEW server? Well then, this may be the place for you! We are a brand new city that just opened the doors to our discord! We Will soft opening the city this WEEKEND! We offer many businesses, jobs, drugs, crafting, and so much more! Become a business owner and...
  4. WhiteSmoke

    Advertisement Smooth Brains Rp! Rebels and Custom Cars! Drugs! Starter Money and highly updated addons!

    How to join the server Step 1: Download FiveM Client Here FiveM Step 2: Launch FiveM Step 3: Once you see the screen that shows the button "PLAY" Press F8 to open the console and type in this : connect Discord - Join the Smooth Brains [RP] Discord Server! Looking for...
  5. WhiteSmoke

    Advertisement Anarchy CnR Cops And Robbers! New Members Start with a chunk of change and a radio!

    How to join the server Server Link - Discord - Join the Anarchy CnR Discord Server! Looking for players to have fun and RP, we have a dedicated mod community constantly updating and adding anything you are looking for! We are a growing server looking to fill out our ranks...
  6. Charles Parmesan

    Advertisement 🗻 Everest RP 🗻 | Crimes & Gangs | Custom Framework | Whitelisted

    About the City Everest is based on a Custom Framework, allowing for greater optimization and implementation of new features by the Communities Suggestions. We're dedicated to deliver Serious RP and providing a well structured City for the Civilians to partake in. Coupled with an attentive Staff...
  7. Advertisement HeartBreak RP - New Server - Serious RP

    HeartBreak RP is a new server in the FiveM space, We have Hig hopes on this one guys. Serious RP, Cops, EMS, Criminals, Gangs, Custom cars, Businesses etc. Please if you are interested join our discord Join the Heart Break RP Discord Server! we look forward to Roleplaying with you lot! Enjoy.💜
  8. N_Reyes05

    Advertisement |City of Memphis| Now recruiting LEO, Fire, & EMS ✔️| Custom Vehicles | Engaging Roleplay | vMenu Based!

    City of Memphis (CMRP) is a new, upcoming unique roleplay community. Discord: City of Memphis FiveM Roleplay Are you looking for a fun, friendly city with good RP active staff that listen? Do you appreciate the attention to detail down to the smallest thing? Then CMRP is where you want to be...
  9. honneebun

    Advertisement Night City RP | Serious RP | Whitelisted Jobs | 200+ Custom Cars | Housing | PD/EMS Jobs | Custom Scripts & More!

    Night City RP🌙 We are One-Sync Stable! We are a newly wiped server, with a very good team of staff, and a talented group of devs! We have a positive and interactive community! We are looking for regulars to join our awesome server! Server Features: -Multi-Separate Characters -Court System...
  10. bigal

    Advertisement (ENG) SideQuest Roleplay | Serious RP | vMenu | Hiring LEO (Dept. Heads needed!) and Staff. [16/18+] | Custom Vehicles/EUP/Maps

    ╔═════════════════════╗        SIDEQUEST ROLEPLAY ╚═════════════════════╝ We are a community-focused FiveM roleplay server! We're looking for members to join our community as we prepare for full launch. We're also looking for experienced department heads and staff to help us launch the...
  11. sdsdfwegege

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  12. RazersIQ

    Advertisement Join South Side Roleplay Today!!

    Welcome To South Side RP What Is SSRP: South Side Roleplay Is A Vmenu Based Roleplay Server Were You Can Have Fun With No Toxicness And Roleplay In So Many Fun Ways We Are Currently Seeking Active Members Active Staff Active Departments Please Consider Joining Our Server We Have So Many...
  13. Advertisement Devise RP | Serious Roleplay | MANY Jobs | WL Jobs | Many Robberies | Custom Robberies | +130 Custom Cars | Gangs |Etc

    Devise is a new "serious" RP server. With inspiration from many of the top servers, we bring many features you already know and love, as well we have many custom/new ones. Our goal is to provide you with an extremely immersive, professional RP experience for both new, and experienced players...
  14. Blues Mafia | Gramps

    Advertisement | English | Active Staff, Emergency Services & Clinic | New Server | R5M | Apply for EMS & LEO |

    Server Name - R5M Join Link - Social Media - Description - R5M is a new community, that born since a month, and we are trying to make it as good as possible!!! We have alot of good content and unique scripts that will give you a nice...