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  1. ★ŁΘWŁESS★

    Advertisement Astral Development

    [TR] 𝓐𝓼𝓽𝓻𝓪𝓵 𝓓𝓮𝓿𝓮𝓵𝓸𝓹𝓶𝓮𝓷𝓽 2022 Yılının Mayıs ayında hayata geçirilmeye başlanmış beş senaryo topluluğudur. Sunucumuzda şu andalık sadece Fivem scriptleri yetineceğiz ama kursta paylaşılacak değil rdr2 rdr2 red dead itfa gibi oyunlarında senaryoları iletilecek olan beştır. Bizleri ziyaret etmek...
  2. S00RAJ

    Be A Developer Paid Development Works

    Hello There, I am SOORAJ! I have been doing paid FiveM Server works for the past 2 years. I am fluent in Lua, MySql, JS, Python, CSS and much more. Some of my works are: 1. Full server developer. 2. Bug bounty hunting 3. Custom mapping like Vinewood Signs and Custom Garages, Legion Squares...
  3. Be A Developer [PAID] Development Services

    Properties: Bug fix, optimize, I can make a package, I can develop a package Credit: xorp, votoslacos, +20 credit. Discord LINK
  4. Be A Developer HP Development

    Hello, I am a 2.5 year experienced FiveM developer. I am somewhat familiar with C# and Lua, I am looking for a city just to sit down and chill with. I am consistently active and am able to do constant communication. All I ask for, Someone who has a project in mind, everything thought of...
  5. Be A Developer X Workshop [PAID]

    Name : X Your age : 20 Who Are We? : We are a team that has been in the FiveM environment for about 3 years and has been engaged in Development for over 1 year. Previous Developer Experience : There is a package that we make with our teammates, scripts that we write from scratch, servers that we...
  6. Micha

    Looking For Staff Vanity Life - Partner - Staff [Needed]

    Hey everyone! I am looking for possibly a partner or two for Vanity Life. Now before everyone hops on and starts spamming me. There will be requirements needed to be met in order for me to consider you. Vanity Life is going to be an upcoming Life/Gang server with tons of hopefully custom and...
  7. Micha

    Looking For Developer Vanity Life - Hourly Pay - Proficient Developers - Quality Work [Needed]

    Hey Everyone! Vanity Life is looking for 1-3 adept developers who are quick, but provide quality work. We are looking for the best to create a server based around roleplay, heists and gangs. While putting a twist on inventory management, skills and much more. I myself am in the military and...
  8. Request Looking for a Developer for our server [Mentrix RP]

    So, me and my friend is thinking of creating a brand new server, but we would like to have more developers helping us out with the process, and becoming a part of our community. Both of us are new to developing, but we can also help out with ideas, and other things that may come in the process...
  9. ry111

    Request FiveM Developer | Wonder Development

    Hey! I am RY, And I love to work with Lua and Script Coding and a thing I like the most is helping people with their Fivem Server! So If you have any problems or questions about anything related to Fivem Developing send me a Message and I will be more than Happy to help you! My best parts...

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