1. Script DELETE

  2. Perfect_Project

    PAID [QB-Core] Meth Heist

    Preview: Click Me Purchase: Tebex Purchase Escrow: Tebex Features: - Detailed and easy config. (change start heist location, change spawn vehicle location,change ped,change drop items). - Easy set up (drag and drop) - Complete synchronisation with other players. - Option to start the heist only...
  3. Doomed

    PAID Cheap FiveM Dumps! Get hidden locations, cars, mlos etc!

    [Prices: Config files = 6€ || Config + Stream Files = 15€] (Stream files include all cars, clothing, map files (MLOs) and other stuff like that, what the server has. If you request whitelisted server, depending on what kind of application is required, i can do it for agreed price. Bored of...
  4. Glitchy Choppa

    PAID Drug Addiction Script [QBCore]

    Drug Addiction It’s time to make your server’s gaming experience more thrilling and immersive than ever. With this unique script we offer, you’ll have a real gaming experience. What Do We Offer? Our server provides characters with more dizziness and more severe dizziness due to drug use. With...
  5. VV Scripts

    PAID [PAID] Zone Control Drug Sale Script

    Written Expression It is a script that players to sell their illegal items. But in order to sell, they need to own territory. That’s why gangs will stand guard not to let other rival gangs sell and the drug scenario that allows the police team to shut down the area. Since I used it on my own...
  6. Script Advanced Drug Creator

    This is version 2.1, im still looking for V4 but i hope this will be okay for some people :) Preview: https://forum.cfx.re/t/esx-qb-core-...-creation-menu-without-server-restart/1885920 If the link stops working please let me know and ill get a new one...
  7. HighKing1

    PAID [QB] Zeus Drugs

    Zeus Drugs Preview is a custom drug script for players to have the ability to break down the drugs all the way from bricks/ sheets/ pints of lean all the way down to a usable state, such as grams, 8ths, zips, etc etc. Comes with custom animations & effects & discord logging Drugs it has...
  8. Doomed

    PAID FiveM Dumps! Get hidden locations, drug spots, blackmarkets ect!

  9. Script cSellDrugs ESX LEGACY

    cSellDrugs ESX LEGACY VT : VirusTotal DOWNLOAD : *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  10. awesomeray

    PAID Ns-Whitewidow (WhiteWidow Job + MLO) With Instructions, doorlocks and support

    NEW MAJOR UPDATE 1/10/2023 Link to Purchase Escrow ($5.99): https://ns-scripts.tebex.io/package/5565797 80 Link to Purchase Open Source ($15.99): https://ns-scripts.tebex.io/package/5624527 46 Includes Four types of weed: White Widow OG-Kush AK47 Skunk Amnesia Purple Haze Gelato Zkittlez Job...
  11. EnvyRP

    Advertisement EnvyRP ‖ Serious Roleplay ‖ Whitelist ‖ Active Police ‖ Active Staff

    So, you’re looking for a place to call home in the RP World? Well look no further than EnvyRP! EnvyRP is an 18+, US Based, Serious RP Server. While we may be a new server, we’re not new to RP. We have assembled a team of experienced roleplayers to help drive EnvyRP to greatness! Here at EnvyRP...
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