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  1. A

    Advertisement Off The Rip Roleplay | New Server | Open for testing! | Serious RP Server | Economy-Based | Whitelisted 18+ | Hiring EMS/PD | CASINO

    About OTRRP OffTheRip Roleplay is now open for beta testing and we are accepting whitelisted apps! (Must be 18+ or older) OTRRP is a Serious RP server so yes it is whitelisted but all the applications as of now are free. Also, all whitelisted jobs are hiring as of right now. OTRRP welcomes...
  2. FivemRaccoonRP

    Advertisement RaccoonRP 🦝 | Active Staff | 100k Starting Money | Streamer Friendly | LSPD | EMS | Mechanic

    We would like to welcome new civilians to the city. We have a variety of friendly staff team that covers all time zones which means we are always around to help out if need be. Discord: RaccoonRP Discord Direct link to join: RaccoonRP server 💰100K STARTING CASH 🌍NA/EU FRIENDLY Whitelisted...
  3. Persephone

    Job EMS Job V2

    ✌️Hello VAG Forum Family✌️ Download Link: .rar/file']EMS JOB V2 VirusTotal: VT Creator of the script => Click Here GOOD FORUMS🖋️
  4. SeanM[MLRP COO]

    Advertisement MoonLight Roleplay | Serious RolePlay | Vmenu | Easy Applications | Hiring LEO/FD/Staff/Developer's | Gang's Allowed | Active Staff

    RSO Dynamics Featuring MoonLight RolePlay About Us: MoonLight RolePlay was created & funded on the 26 July, 2021. We are growing really fast so join now! We are still yet developing on the server and will hopefully release the server very soon! We have incredibly good perks when donating! You...
  5. X

    Advertisement MelbRP | AUSSIE SERVER | FRESH SERVER NEEDING PLAYTESTERS | Serious RP | Police / EMS (HIRING) | Drugs & Gangs

    Discord: Join Link: MelbRP is an Australian-based serious roleplay server that will be looking to launch within the next 2 weeks. We are currently looking for playtesters to test out everything they can. We pride ourselves in our attention to small...
  6. D

    Advertisement | English | Active Staff, Emergency Services & Clinic | New Server | R5M | Apply for EMS & LEO |

    Server Name - R5M Join Link - Social Media - Description - R5M is a new community, that born since a month, and we are trying to make it as good as possible!!! We have alot of good content and unique scripts that will give you a nice...
  7. J

    Advertisement English | Active Staff & Emergency Services | New Server | R5M | Apply for EMS & LEO |

    Hey There, I am Darth also known as David Frazer on the R5M Public Roleplay Server. I am here to promote the server and to tell you guys why it's an amazing Server to play on. First of all is it's a NoPixel inspired server and it's custom coded. Highly trained EMS, Doctors, Fire Fighters and...
  8. Ares


  9. Quilla

    MLO/YMAP Gabz Phillbox BROWN

    Gabz Phillbox BROWN VT DOWNLOAD
  10. Quilla

    MLO/YMAP LSMC Hospital

  11. Quilla

    MLO/YMAP Covid19 Test Site

    Covid19 Test Site VT DOWNLOAD
  12. Quilla

    MLO/YMAP paleto pharmacy

    Paleto Pharmacy VT DOWNLOAD
  13. Quilla

    MLO/YMAP Custom Pillbox Hospital

    Custom Pillbox Hospital VT DOWNLOAD
  14. Quilla

    MLO/YMAP corona phillbox hospital

    Corona Phillbox Hospital PREVIEW VT PASSWORD: ExtraWorldV3_Corona_Phillbox DOWNLOAD
  15. Quilla

    MLO/YMAP Hospital

    Hospital VT DOWNLOAD
  16. Quilla

    MLO/YMAP Gabz PillBox Hospital v2

    Gabz PillBox Hospital v2 VT DOWNLOAD
  17. Quilla

    MLO/YMAP Paleto Hospital

    Paleto Hospital PREVIEW VT DOWNLOAD
  18. Quilla

    MLO/YMAP Sandy Shores Hospital v4

    Sandy Shores Hospital v4 PREVIEW VT DOWNLOAD
  19. Quilla

    MLO/YMAP UncleJust Sandy Shores Hospital

    UncleJust Sandy Shores Hospital VT DOWNLOAD
  20. Quilla

    MLO/YMAP UncleJust Pillbox Hospital

    UncleJust Pillbox Hospital VT DOWNLOAD