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  1. Stream MPRrp Custom Clothing Leak (EUP)

    not really a leak... More of a public release. Enjoy. link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1OFP9oeNsgaj6tlcqjcBKcr5xgpam7DAK?usp=sharing
  2. GrapeElephant

    Advertisement TOP-GUN | FIVEPD | LSPD | LSSD | SAHP | EUP | VMENU | Any One Can Be A Cop |Active Staff| Realistic

    Top-Gun Roleplay Is A Small FivePD Server Looking for Members. We Don’t Have Head’s Of Any Departments, And We Wont Pick Them Until We See Who Is Active And Is A Good Fit For That specific Role. We Are Looking For Staff But We Will Only Be Accepting 4 Spots Until We Gain A Good Amount Of Players...
  3. TheGamer34

    Advertisement Arizona State Roleplay [EUP] [CUSTOM LIVERYS]

    Discord | Join the Arizona State Roleplay Discord Server! Applications | Whitelisted Departments Applications
  4. TheOnlyFury

    ServerFile Revolution Roleplay du**

    Revolution Roleplay File name: Revolution Roleplay.zip File size: 7.78GB Dumped by: TheOnlyFury ASSETS INCLUDED *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** Write me some servers to du** (No whitelisted servers, please) :)
  5. TheOnlyFury

    ServerFile VoidRP full du**

    VoidRP File name: VoidRP.zip File size: 11 GB Dumped by: TheOnlyFury ASSETS INCLUDED *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ****** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  6. 0999


  7. Capt_Moham

    Advertisement Code Two Roleplay | Public Cop | Whitelisted Departments | Giveaways | VMenu | Hiring Staff

    Code Two Roleplay A Fully Immersive Roleplay Server Server IP: cfx.re/join/z9rq79 TeamSpeak: code2rp.zap-ts3.com Discord: HERE CAD/MDT: code2roleplaycad.bubbleapps.io CAD/MDT Public Civ Password: C2RPCIVILIAN2022 Current Giveaway: 2x $5 Amazon Gift Cards Who We Are We are Code Two Roleplay...
  8. Sour1001

    Advertisement The Andreas Life Roleplay | Fivem Serious Roleplay | San Andreas Based |

    The Andreas Life Roleplay TALRP is a serious roleplay server based around San Andreas. We are currently open to all with easy applications for all departments **OPEN**. We are a new server looking to grow our member base and eventually become Whitelisted. What we have to offer is: Server Side...
  9. PremiereGamingRP

    Advertisement Premiere Gaming Roleplay | Beta Stage | Hiring SAFD, SACD & LSPD Department Heads | Whitelisted | LEO/Military Members | Paid/Custom Assets | Custom E

    Are you tired of the servers ran by children (maturity isn’t defined by age) or communities who only put their ideas into the server! Where anyone can be a cop. We are a young whitelisted roleplay server with tons of experience. We are open to any and all ideas that are suggested. We do not...
  10. Ductilesolid810

    Advertisement FGRP | Private | All Departments Open | Discord Required

    ![FGRP Logo|500x500](upload://wEjG0cHcXj7BnMkh4F4WZHB39HV.png) [FGRP Recruitment Discord](https://firstgenerationrp.com/join) [Visit our site {firstgenerationrp.com} for more information](https://firstgenerationrp.com) **`We Are Filling Ranks Join Now!`** **`Use code: ductilesolid810-a-1201...
  11. SamRuddell

    Advertisement Project Unknown Roleplay

    **Project Unknown Roleplay** INFORMATION • Discord: Join the Project Unknown Roleplay Discord Server! WHAT DO WE OFFER? • 24/7 Active Staff • Custom Cars • Friendly Staff & Owners • Serious RP • Non ELS vehicles • Server is up 24/7 • Whitelisted Law Enforcement • Sonoran CAD • Custom...
  12. Advertisement SADOJRP | Active Staff | Allowlisted | US Based

    SADOJRP is ready to be accepting Whitelist Applications. "Hmmmm applications?" yeah Whitelisted server with vMenu Based Scripts including vMenu. We provide Support, Custom EUP, Professional Staff / Active Staff / Nice Staff, and More!. Discord: Join the SADOJRP | Interview Sever Discord Server!
  13. Charlie B

    Stream Kwuws Mega Package

    https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/8590ef25e5e50e375b068c0e762b93e4477f4c0a44bcaf2f69899642f1164598?nocache=1 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1H2XSeirmfSkc3jgExB5K3J8ONXue-ozE?usp=sharing
  14. Advertisement 🏙️[NEW] Nocity Roleplay | 100+ Custom Vehicles | Economy Based | Serious RP [NEW]

    Hi, welcome to NRP! Economy based server, if you are wanting to join the city make sure to join the discord server, and see if you fit in. When joining the city, you will be rewarded with 100K starting bonus. If you join from here and use the code "VAGONTOP" I will personally add an extra 200K...
  15. AciD

    Stream [UK] Central City Roleplay

    This File Has: EUP, Cars, Guns, Gun Sounds and Car Sounds NO PREVIEW Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CDo11aV1aieN8fB4klXPICNDLuMF-4K2/view?usp=sharing
  16. Ares

    Stream Short backless crop top halter for MP Female

    More info: Top is ported from TS4 CC. Files replaces jackets on slot #13, you can change it by renaming files. How to install custom hair and clothes: [How-To] Streaming new hairstyles for characters: Step by Step for dummies 6 *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the...
  17. Ares

    Stream 24/7 EUP Package - EUP Texture’s for [EUP 8.1]

    Some Fresh EUP for people that enjoy RPing as 24/7 Workers! This is a 24/7 EUP Package intended for EUP 8.1, It may/may not work on Newer/Older version’s of EUP, Try at your Own Risk. If you have a suggestion leave it below Includes: Shirt’s, Hat, Jacket How to install: Buy and Install...
  18. Ares

    Stream Puff Bubble Pigtails for MP Female

    Puff Bubble Pigtails Hair for MP Females! How to install on FiveM: Drag and drop files to “stream” folder How to install on single-player: Open OpenIV Enable “Edit mode” Drag and drop files here...
  19. Ares

    Stream Australian T-Shirt Package - EUP Textures for [EUP 8.1]

    This is some “Australian” clothes, It’s cringe but I was bored and had nothing better to do It includes: Australian Flag T-Shirt Aboriginal Flag T-Shirt Get on the Beer’s T-Shirt Bunning’s T-Shirt Harden Up T-Shirt Sassy the Sasquatch T-Shirt 79 Series Landcruiser T-Shirt How to Install...
  20. Ares

    Stream YellowJack EUP Package - EUP Texture’s for EUP 8.1

    Do people in your server always RP at the YellowJack and have wack uniform’s?, Look no further! This is a YellowJack EUP Package, It include’s a jacket, shirt’s and a hat, If you have a suggestion just leave it below! How to install: Buy and Install EUP into your Server (Need to pay $15...

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