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  1. Ares

    Guide End Fivem FPS Drop

    Pouch Good Forums I want to share with you the solution of the FPS drop problem that I researched and found Normally I Get Stable 60 FPS And Occasionally Drops After Making This Optimization, I Got 30 FPS More And It Was 90 FPS But I Think You Will Increase By 20 FPS Guaranteed Note: ( Take a...
  2. ARaros

    Script Fainting script with Fivem [U] key

    Hello to everyone Installation: put it in the resource folder and start What it is: Provides Fainting-Falling animation Link : VT:
  3. ARaros

    Script Fivem Door Lock/Unlock

    Hello to everyone To start the script: 1.Download 2. Unzip the folder and put it in the resources part of your server's package 3. You can delete the -master text next to the folder if you want. (I suggest you delete it) 4.Type start/ensure esx_doorlock or...
  4. Ares

    Script A system that slows you down when a tire punctures

    Installation: After throwing the file I gave to the server files, it is sufficient to start it from server.cfg. Note: You can change the settings in client.lua as you wish. DOWNLOAD VT...