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  1. PAID ClownGuard | Best FIVEM Anticheat | Beta

    🚀 Introducing ClownGuard - Elevating Fair Play on FiveM! 🚀 Are you tired of disruptive exploits and unfair advantages ruining the gaming experience on your FiveM server? Look no further! We proudly present ClownGuard, your ultimate solution for a cheat-free, fair, and secure gaming environment...
  2. andrew2312

    PAID Fiveshield Anticheat

    🛡️ Introducing FiveShield Anticheat - Your Ultimate Guardian in the Gaming Realm! Are cheaters ruining the gaming experience for your community? Say goodbye to unwanted disruptions with FiveShield, the most robust anticheat solution designed for FiveM. 🌟 Key Features: - Proactive Protection...
  3. NiaouBreGatoula

    PAID 🔥Pegasus Anticheat - Most Powerful and Affordable FiveM Anticheat | Secure Your Server Today ! 🔥

    The Pegasus Project - Join our Discord Introducing the Most Powerful and Affordable FiveM Anticheat | Secure Your Server Today ! About Us - PegasusAC History The inception of Pegasus Anticheat originated from a simple yet compelling idea: crafting a script that could discern players...
  4. cylex

    PAID [PAID] Anti Magic Bullet

    A script that detects "shooting through the wall" (magic bullet) with rpf and cheat menus at the entrance to the game. [Youtube Önizleme] Client Config Server Config NOTE For those who will say "Anti magic bullet is already shared for free, why are you selling it for a fee!", let me tell...
  5. PAID HUNK AC | Anti Eulen | Anti RedEngine | 2023 Fivem Anticheat

    Features Executor detection such as Eulen and RedEngine (2023 method) Lua mod menus detection such as Brutan/Absolute/Cobra/Dopamine/Extrude/Fallout and other menus Advanced server events protection (anti money hack/cuff/revive/teleport) Infection scanner for backdoors (infected codes inside...

    Hi VAG, I've got something new that all of you needed before - FiveM API-ANTICHEAT How it works: Buy here:, Prices: €25/month €60/year Tokenizer: €15/month €35/year
  7. PAID fiveShield Best FiveM Anticheat

    Greetings, I'm going to introduce you to the superior anticheat in terms of optimization and quality. Client Side Resmon: 0.01/0.01 Client Side Features: We have a lot of anti bypass We Blocking most popular and advanced Mod Menus Anti Nui Devtools Anti fly cars Tiny entity detections...
  8. MIXASofficial

    10% discount Anti AI Detection | powered by MIXAS AC

    This is blocking FiveM\\citizen\common\data changes. Its free for MIXAS AntiCheat Customers. If u want buy MIXAS AntiCheat --> If u want buy this with Extra (not mixas customer) Lifetime --> 40€ Discord -->
  9. MIXASofficial

    10% discount Backdoor (Cipher-Ketamin) Detection

    This project for backdoor (Cipher- Ketamin) detection What is cipher and ketamin? Features; -%100 detection ketamin and cipher -its working for windows -licensed Prices ; Lifetime = 40€ How can i buy this product ? Come to my discord --> Discord
  10. MIXASofficial

    10% discount FiveM Anti dump (%99.9 Protection for your server files)

    What is Dump ? Cheaters can steal your source client codes with Dumper. What are we doing? We blocking dump action. If cheaters can dump or debugging events, cant see anything.. Prices; Lifetime : 100€ 90€ For Vag users. Discord --> Click
  11. MIXASofficial


    Hi dear Friends, Im owner of MIXAS AntiCheat. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why you should choose MIXAS AC? + 400 Happy Customer from all around the world.(Thailand,Romania,Turkey,Korea,Germany,Sweden,Italia etc.) -No...
  12. FiveEyeAC -

    Hello, welcome to this new thread. I want to present you FiveEye FiveM AntiCheat. Our anticheat developed to be the best solution against cheaters on the platform. FiveEye is a 100% independent anticheat, always at the forefront of technologies and security. If you are looking for an...
  13. PAID Prime Anticheat

    Prime AC Systems BETA Features ⦁ Anti Props ⦁ Anti AimBot ⦁ Anti Teleport ⦁ Anti Nightvision ⦁ Anti Thermalvision ⦁ Anti Freecam ⦁ Anti NoClip ⦁ Anti NonRagdoll ⦁ Anti Modmenu ⦁ Anti Bypass ⦁ Anti Invisible ⦁ Anti GiveWeapon ⦁ Anti God Mode Type 1 / Type 2/ Type 3 ⦁ Anti Vision ⦁ Anti Pickups...

    API ANTICHEAT FIVEM ANTICHEAT DISCORD: discord . gg / apiac discord . gg/stz4nCkhZp

    Client Feature: Resmon - 00.01-00.02 Nui Devtools Protect Visual settings protect. Code Injection Tiny Entity Ped Rape Protect Vehicle modifier Weapon Modifier/Ai Detections (Rapid fire , Fire Rate) Spectate ( Anyone who spectate except the authorities will be banned...
  16. Raider

    [FiveM] FYAC Anti-Cheat for now [ESX]

    Anticheat is fully licensed and encrypted. As for the features of Anticheat: Our Client Side Features/Protections: With 0.03MS encryption, 0.06 will be further optimized. Godmode protection. Menu injection protection +50 Premium Menu Detect, +150 Trash Menu Detect. Invisibility protection...
  17. cfxregame


    Hello Dear VAG Family, Script Features Delete Vehicles : Deletes Nearby Vehicles Erase Pads : Deletes surrounding pads Delete Objects : Deletes Surrounding Objects Delete Community Data : Clears Community Table (Resets Publics) Delete Invoice Data : Clears Invoice Table (Resets Invoices)...
  18. cfxregame

    Guide Detecting MenyooExtras and Dopameme Style Menus

    You Can Ban People Using Menyoo And Dopameme With Simple Menus With The Following Codes. If you have an Admin Menu in the Ban and Log section, you can place the Ban Trigger. Citizen.CreateThread(function() while true do Citizen.Wait(7) if HasStreamedTextureDictLoaded('fm') or...
  19. ARaros

    Anticheat Tigo Anticheat

    Hello VAG World, TigoAntiCheat is a resource written in Lua for detecting cheaters. Because many different executors automatically stop anticheat resources, version 2.0 has changed dramatically. TigoAntiCheat is now only Server side and all client side files of TigoAntiCheat are built...
  20. Ares

    Anticheat New AntiCheat

    What Are the Properties of Anticheatin: - Blacklist Explosions - Blacklisted Weapons - AntiWords - BlacklistProps - BlacklistTools - BlacklistPeds Is it really all cheat resistant: Of course no, I don't know all cheat menu methods very well but I think it will prevent what I wrote above...