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fivem anticheat

  1. Anticheat [PAID] Prime Anticheat

    Prime AC Systems BETA Features ⦁ Anti Props ⦁ Anti AimBot ⦁ Anti Teleport ⦁ Anti Nightvision ⦁ Anti Thermalvision ⦁ Anti Freecam ⦁ Anti NoClip ⦁ Anti NonRagdoll ⦁ Anti Modmenu ⦁ Anti Bypass ⦁ Anti Invisible ⦁ Anti GiveWeapon ⦁ Anti God Mode Type 1 / Type 2/ Type 3 ⦁ Anti Vision ⦁ Anti Pickups...

    API ANTICHEAT FIVEM ANTICHEAT DISCORD: discord . gg / api discord . gg/stz4nCkhZp
  3. Sales Fivem Warden Anticheat

    Hello first of all. With the experience I gained as the owner of rw-anticheat, I decided to develop a new anticheat and sell it. Source has passed +50 customers (maybe even more) by using it under the name of PowerAC and VAC, which I am the founder of. As a result of our sales server being...

    Client Feature: Resmon - 00.01-00.02 Nui Devtools Protect Visual settings protect. Code Injection Tiny Entity Ped Rape Protect Vehicle modifier Weapon Modifier/Ai Detections (Rapid fire , Fire Rate) Spectate ( Anyone who spectate except the authorities will be banned...
  5. Raider

    Sales [FiveM] FYAC Anti-Cheat for now [ESX]

    Anticheat is fully licensed and encrypted. As for the features of Anticheat: Our Client Side Features/Protections: With 0.03MS encryption, 0.06 will be further optimized. Godmode protection. Menu injection protection +50 Premium Menu Detect, +150 Trash Menu Detect. Invisibility protection...
  6. cfxregame


    Hello Dear VAG Family, Script Features Delete Vehicles : Deletes Nearby Vehicles Erase Pads : Deletes surrounding pads Delete Objects : Deletes Surrounding Objects Delete Community Data : Clears Community Table (Resets Publics) Delete Invoice Data : Clears Invoice Table (Resets Invoices)...
  7. cfxregame

    Guide Detecting MenyooExtras and Dopameme Style Menus

    You Can Ban People Using Menyoo And Dopameme With Simple Menus With The Following Codes. If you have an Admin Menu in the Ban and Log section, you can place the Ban Trigger. Citizen.CreateThread(function() while true do Citizen.Wait(7) if HasStreamedTextureDictLoaded('fm') or...
  8. ARaros

    Anticheat Tigo Anticheat

    Hello VAG World, TigoAntiCheat is a resource written in Lua for detecting cheaters. Because many different executors automatically stop anticheat resources, version 2.0 has changed dramatically. TigoAntiCheat is now only Server side and all client side files of TigoAntiCheat are built...
  9. Respown

    Anticheat New AntiCheat

    What Are the Properties of Anticheatin: - Blacklist Explosions - Blacklisted Weapons - AntiWords - BlacklistProps - BlacklistTools - BlacklistPeds Is it really all cheat resistant: Of course no, I don't know all cheat menu methods very well but I think it will prevent what I wrote above...
  10. Rezox

    Anticheat Anticheat With Open Source Code

    Hello vag world today I would like to share a very nice post with you; If you want, you can download and install completely free of charge *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  11. S1XO

    Anticheat Ironshield Anticheat (encrypted)

    Download Download 2
  12. Castillo

    Anticheat +23 Anticheat pack

    👑 We have brought together the most used anti cheats in the world for you. Anticheat *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** - [VT] --------------------------------------------------------------- Midnight AC *** Hidden...

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