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fivem scripts

  1. cfxregame

    Script ReportSystem Script - A Report script for your server

    [ReportSystem] With this script, players will be able to report situations, whether they are anti-rp, bugs, or even doubts! [DOWNLOAD] Dependencies: screenshot-basic (If you enable the screenshot config)
  2. cfxregame

    Script pw-bank - Advanced design fivem bank system

    You can set this event according to your own plugin to add a small bank log to your Market plugin. TriggerEvent('pw-bank:server:log', xPlayer.identifier, 'Market', 'Eşya satın alma işlemi', 'MARKET', '-'..tonumber(para), 'ff0000', nil) [DOWNLOAD]
  3. cfxregame


    exports Example Usage
  4. Samurai

    Script Optimized & SYNCED Animated Vehicles

    In any case my time growing FiveM. I’ve determined to launch my first useful resource at no cost. Under is a hyperlink to the git repo for the script. GitHub - nzsnapshot/animatedvehicles Contribute to nzsnapshot/animatedvehicles improvement by creating an account on GitHub. PREVIEW:
  5. Sales [PAID] Gabz MRPD Reworked Texture

    preview : This is GABZ MRPD texture can be done what ever texture you want this in! Discord : Farhan Sadiq🔥#5825
  6. Job leak myFarming / myJobsystem

    hi everyone i searched very long time for this but not found anyhting now i bought it and just wanted to leak it all other scripts u can downlaod here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13t-hXTfKWVdZqod5NZGV4Krlgi9z59PW/view and the script u can download here: Download myFarmingFiveM.zip (26.12...
  7. Guide How To Install 2 Different Galleries? | Basic File

    If you want to open a few dealer system-style galleries on your server, you can quickly install it by editing the file I will give. I am writing a plain and simple explanation. If you wish, you can find out by accessing the video from the link at the bottom of the post. [Required Programs]...
  8. Samurai

    Script New Black Market

    hello, today I will share a different script with you, I found it very logical and beautiful, I hope you like it. I think it may be suitable for those who are looking for difference, if there is not enough police in the city, the purchase menu does not open. The value on the config can be "0"...
  9. Samurai

    HUD FREE | ESX & QBCore | Roda Modern Hud [2022]

    I want to introduce you the Roda Modern Hud First of all i want to tell you a small history of this hud Famous Sentence "That HUD Is just a Copy and Paste Images" So, Enjoy to this hud!!!! Features Health Hud Armor Hud Hunger Hud Thirst Hud Stamina Hud Oxygen Hud Car Hud UID (Unique ID)...
  10. cfxregame

    Inventory Qb - Core Decay

    QB-DECAY This is a proof-of-concept for a server-side, qb-core item reduction system that uses a cron program and runs with or without players. This can adjust the attributes of items in player inventories, warehouses, glove boxes, and chests. This POC is only to provide the corruption mechanism...
  11. cfxregame

    Script Almez Phone v3 Integrated into EDRP Package

    Download and start PHONE. Replace qb-core/server/player.lua with the lua file I threw. PLAYER.LUA From qb-core/server/functions.lua Find QBCore.Functions.GetPlayerByPhone = function(number) and paste this code; Code: QBCore.Functions.GetPlayerByPhone = function(number) for src, player in...
  12. cfxregame

    Script [FREE] New Animations

    THERE ARE 10 ANIMATIONS INSIDE. [DOWNLOAD] [DOWNLOAD-PROPERTIES] Preview VT 1 VT 2 Loop etc to configure dpemotes or similar tools. We have also included animation features such as
  13. cfxregame

    Script Fivem Footbal Script

    [DOWNLOAD] PASS: Unmarked
  14. Ripcroz_1

    Script OKOK Scripts Pack [ESX]

    This pack include all the okok files except the okok vehicleshop which was released yesterday. Virus Total Download Enjoy!
  15. Rocky_Balboa

    Script ESX Redux Door Locks V3

    Download: https://www.file-upload.net/download-14724842/esx_doorlockv3-master.zip.html Video:
  16. Rocky_Balboa


    Download: https://www.file-upload.net/download-14819208/esx_job_creatorneu.rar.html
  17. Rocky_Balboa

    Script All BB Scripts

    Download: https://www.file-upload.net/download-14715778/bb-resources.rar.html
  18. Zan1456

    Script [vrp] Moon Nuis Bank

  19. v1llem

    Request REQUEST T1ger garage

    is anyone have this? https://store.t1ger.net/package/4717614 This is t1ger garage and i want it
  20. bobbyshush

    Script VNS Scripts | ESX - Casino Slots Machine


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