1. Ahri

    Vehicles OBEY TST

    Base Model: Audi TT RS Logo : GTA V Only logo change and logo deletion were applied on the car. Download
  2. TR3K

    PAID Liberty map + codewalker+ alltime support

    Codewalker preview: Click Here Liberty map preview: Click Here Buy: Click Here We give two half price! to him who says he came through this first!
  3. Script [FREE][QBCORE] Loot Crates

    This resource lets you create usable loot crates, that will drop items that you associate with them. Loot Crates Custom weighted chances to drop specific items Use local or remote images for spinner Create multiple cases, each with the own set of items Randomized, server-sided item selection...
  4. Script [Free/QBCore] Renewed Banking | Inspired UI

    Project Description The user interface was heavily inspired by the Pixelless Banking Interface. This resource is a replacement for qb-banking, qb-atm, qb-managment addictions oxmysql 3 QBCore QB-Target 1 QB-Menu QB-Input 2 progress bar 1 Features Personal, Occupation, Gang, Shared Accounts...
  5. Script [FREE] Login/Register System [STANDALONE]

    ESEGOVIC Login/Registration System ABOUT: I made a Simple Login/Registration System for all kinds of servers for my server a while ago and I want to share it with you. Each user can only open 1 account. If players forget their passwords, they can retrieve their passwords using a secret key...
  6. Script FREE | Ultra-Ids | QB - ESX

    Preview DOWNLOAD https://github.com/SoyUltra/Ultra-Ids
  7. MLO/YMAP zb_ParkCentral [YMAP] [FREE]

    https://frenchfivemdev.tebex.io/package/5265263 https://github.com/FrenchFiveMDev/zb_ParkCentral Code is accessible No Subscription-based No Lines (approximately) Requirements All Framework Support Yes
  8. Script [ESX] esx_subway

    [ESX] esx_subway Hello everyone… I’m here to present a simple job. GitHub [MLO]Subway Restaurant | FREE - FiveM Resource Development & Modding / Releases - Cfx.re Community Add this to the file: ox_inventory\data\items.lua { coords = vec3(-1256.740234, -278.990112, 37.353382)...
  9. Script [FREE][Standalone] gflp10-carkeys

    Ressource to lock/unlock vehicles when player has the item in Inventory Required ox_inventory ox_lib Enjoy :D https://github.com/Justus-Braun/gflp10-carkeys
  10. Script [FREE] [QBCore] vr-10system

    this is our 10 system script for fivem. the script works only with QBCore Framework. there is a very comfortable menu. In the config, you can find whatever you need and its works with multiple jobs that you can choose in the config. if you want for players to see what radio channel they are...
  11. Script [QBCore] Dumpster Dive

    This is a very simple and basic dumpster diving resource that is for QBCore servers (Old / New). Features Ability to change prop models Add / Remove items that you wish to be found Based on a chance system that is configurable Open Source Allows you to configure the small trash bins to have...
  12. Script ESX - Script Duty - recorded hours

    Modified script based on Esx_duty. Functionality: Start and Exit service (Modify in the database Ex: Ambulance - OffAmbulance) Registration of hours in the service (in the database) Option to exchange hours for money or items (all configurable in config.lua) Option to show brand or NPC...
  13. Script [QBCORE] CW-Tokens key Digital keys for nefarious deeds!

    Yo! Here’s our latest script. We’ve been wanting to make a black market scene for a while and this is going to be our baseline. The script makes up a base for creating, verifying and trading with digital keys, know as tokens. As long as you can get your hands on an empty token, these can be...
  14. Script Plouffe - Vangelico

    Requirements Plouffe - Lib Plouffe - Doorlock Framework Any Features Breaking props Optional guards Optimised (0.0ms) Secured Optional hacking that can give you additional items (Cool for progression) Not obfuscated Info You can shoot at the office door to unlock it Links Preview...
  15. Script Plouffe - Shops Robbery

    Requirements Plouffe - Lib Framework Any Features Shops generate money over time Optimised (0.0ms) Secured Not obfuscated Info This is a pretty simple and straight forward script i might update it to add cashier and machines robbery to it its mostly meant to be an easy replacement for...
  16. Script [FREE] [ESX/QBCORE] Op-dispatch

    op-dispatch ESX & QBCore FiveM dispatch system, for ambulance and police jobs, possibility to add more in config.lua Download & Installation Make sure to change your language in Config.Locale and Config.Framework. At the bottom of the config.lua file you will see Config.Jobs and...
  17. Script Unicorn Job

    The unicorn job created with Lua language is with you Preview Github
  18. Script [ESX- QB ] Codem-Scoreboard - Free

    Steam Mode : Discord Mode : None Mode : Codem Scoreboard Scoreboard script for roleplay servers works with esx or qb-core Preview Video Setup Drag into resources select server framework from config file Note if you want to steam profile pictures work make sure set...
  19. TazLeaks

    Request {Tornado Script) anyone has this tornado script but the latest version paid?

    made by Rhys19? that would be amazing thank you. if someone has the latest paid download link please send that over that would be amazing! this is his patreon: Tornado Script is creating a FiveM Script | Patreon
  20. Mario.sfdh09

    ⭕Trew_hud_ui modified by me📣

    This Hud was made for a Spanish PR server that is mine. Any questions or problems, talk to me at discord md Discord: Aut3nt&ntic0#1370