1. scothedon

    Advertisement "Lets Make RP Great Again" JOIN NOW

    Join Popular Kidz Of America RP today if you are looking for a server that's realistic and immersive for players giving them a fresh new feeling to Role-play. The city is full of opportunities, where you can be a worker or a boss but it’s up to you and your grind. The Founders have hopes of...
  2. madjtuner

    Advertisement Mad City RP

    Join Mad City RP - Currently in the Testing Phase We are a whitelisted Server We are a serious Roleplay Community we want to ensure everyone that joins our community has fun! We have Tons of jobs and activities drag racing, Demolition Derby, street racing and more! Our goal is to have fun and...
  3. dikzakje125

    Advertisement Lavender Haze RP | Active Development | Semi Serious RP

    Lavender Haze RP | Active Development | Friendly Staff team We have released the server for Alpha on october 22nd and are now officially going into Beta and are looking for a ton of players to join us. The Servers Features: -General- Open Businesses A balanced economy No Pay 2 Win -Crime- Sell...
  4. SgtMack59

    Advertisement Pennsylvania State Rp

    Pennsylvania State Rp is looking for Civs, Police, Fire/Ems. Each of those categories have alot of money invested into them. This city is a serious rp with that said we are extremely helpful with any questions you may have. What do we offer. Civs: - 300+ custom cars with irl prices. - player...
  5. kullmap95


  6. Advertisement OFF THE PORCH RP

    Welcome to OFF THE PORCH RP Whitelisted Fivem Serious RP Server. This server is going to be one of the most popular and active servers on the market. If you enjoy rp servers with a realistic economy, Active Gov, Great RP and E-Girl friendly, this might be the city for you!!! What we have to...
  7. TexasWolf52

    Advertisement All New Server (Get Down Or Lay Down RP)

    Come join an all new GTAV RP server! Get Down or Lay Down RP We have: -Guns -Drugs -Real Car Models -Gangs -Civilian Jobs -Bank Robberies -Races -Fighting Arena -Custom MLO's -Player Owned Houses and Interiors -Player Owned Stores and Restaurants We are trying to grow our community...
  8. Muso99

    Advertisement California Life Roleplay | Hiring 👮PD,🚑EMS | Gangs | CLRP | FiveM Community

    We are an active Roleplay Community, that does serious RP and has a strict code of conduct that ensures everyone is roleplaying correctly. We are looking for active members and are ready for you to join! We are also looking to fill our higher positions right now; so if you're interested, join...
  9. SouthsideRoleplay

    Advertisement Southside Roleplay | Newly formed server | Friendly community | Active Player base | vMenu

    This Is Southside Roleplay! Southside Roleplay is a server that is coming very close to it’s launch date! We’re excited to announce that we have put a lot of hard work and extended time into development to ensure the best possible roleplay experience for everyone. We want to invite YOU to the...
  10. Alonzo009z

    Request Gang system.

    Developer needed for a gang system more details in private ! Paid price is considerable drop your discord down here and I will be contacting you.
  11. mine_rp_de

    Advertisement [GER] Mine RP -|- Drogenfelder -|- Auto Imports -|- Versteckte Händler -|- Fraktionen -|- Gewerbe

    -|- Wer wir sind -|- Du hast Lust auf ein neues, weiteres zu Hause und möchtest gepflegtes Roleplay spielen? Dann komme noch heute zu Mine RP – Your second Home! Wir sind ein deutschsprachiger GTA V FiveM Roleplay Server. -|- Warum solltest du zu uns kommen -|- Wir bieten ein Erlebnis, bei dem...
  12. kullmap95


    GANGS - TERRITORY | CHIẾM ĐÓNG + GANGS LINK Join the CenterTime Discord Server! Link: StackPath
  13. XxNightPvpxX

    Advertisement Mahalo Rp We are a growing fivem community we have pd gangs fire/ems and if you see something we don’t have that you want it all you have to do is make a ticket and we will get it in
  14. Nexus Serious RP

    Advertisement Nexus Serious Roleplay | GTA5 FiveM | Active Staff | Optimized Server

    NEXUS SERIOUS ROLEPLAY Nexus Offers You A Chance To Start A Whole New Life Based On How You Like Playing, No More Having To Settle For Anything Less Than The Lifestyle You Want To Play Weather Your Looking To Uphold The Law, Traffic Drugs, Join / Create A Gang, Or live A Humble Life, We Have It...
  15. Advertisement FreshStart RP Join our discord and come have some fun. Serious RP Gangs Leo DOJ Bank robberies Heists Economy
  16. itmitt

    Advertisement TRAPWORLD

    TrapWorld - New Up and Coming Semi-Serious FiveM server Cayo Perico Island Rob Inventories Custom and Usable Drugs Usable Weed/Custom Dispensaries Custom Clothing Custom MLOs Custom Cars Trunk/Glovebox Inventory Player Owned Businesses Housing / Real Estate Working Phones Custom Jobs And...
  17. Waze99

    Advertisement [UK/EU] British North West Roleplay

    North West RolePlay is a RP Server. We maintain an active staff team and community, all of which work together to provide the best and most up to date FiveM server out there. Features include a dynamic economy, whitelisted jobs such as Police and NHS with real ranking structures with performance...
  18. Advertisement HeartBreak RP - New Server - Serious RP

    HeartBreak RP is a new server in the FiveM space, We have Hig hopes on this one guys. Serious RP, Cops, EMS, Criminals, Gangs, Custom cars, Businesses etc. Please if you are interested join our discord Join the Heart Break RP Discord Server! we look forward to Roleplaying with you lot! Enjoy.💜
  19. Chey8990

    Advertisement BRAND NEW CITY! Looking for tester. Full launch Feb24th! RapidCityRP

    We are a brand new server looking to build our community, We are planning on fully launching by February 24th. Our city offers a custom drug script, custom black markets throughout the map, good clothing, gangs, some player owned businesses, 200+ cars to choose from and MORE! We are looking for...
  20. skod


    I want to share this map with you fam! Hope you enjoy it ;) PREVIEW: DOWNLOAD: