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  1. WhiteSmoke

    Advertisement Smooth Brains Rp! Rebels and Custom Cars! Drugs! Starter Money and highly updated addons!

    How to join the server Step 1: Download FiveM Client Here FiveM Step 2: Launch FiveM Step 3: Once you see the screen that shows the button "PLAY" Press F8 to open the console and type in this : connect cfx.re/join/reeabx Discord - Join the Smooth Brains [RP] Discord Server! Looking for...
  2. WhiteSmoke

    Advertisement Anarchy CnR Cops And Robbers! New Members Start with a chunk of change and a radio!

    How to join the server Server Link - cfx.re/join/5b3ypa Discord - Join the Anarchy CnR Discord Server! Looking for players to have fun and RP, we have a dedicated mod community constantly updating and adding anything you are looking for! We are a growing server looking to fill out our ranks...
  3. Advertisement Ascended Roleplay! NP inspried, Custom vehicles, clothes, mlos etc. Our main focus is to give our players a good RP experience!

    Hello and thanks for checking us out! Here is some info about the server: DAILY UPDATES on Tsunami! Looking for immersive RP that doesn’t stop you from having fun? Are you ready to Ascend to another level? Look no further than Ascended RP! We've got plenty of legal jobs, to start out working...

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