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  1. civerian

    Question attempt to index a nil value (field "?")

    Hello, I had a problem with an ESX script which when starting the server throws me this error: SCRIPT ERROR: @tiki_amigos/server/sv_main.lua:17: attempt to index a nil value (field "?") Someone who can help me, here I share the code
  2. PAID Custom scripts + some scripts from keymaster - DM on Discord

    Hi. I have been working on FiveM scripts for 4 years. I would like to offer you some of my scripts. They are cheap, simple, and optimized. Rather, I focus on scripts for government jobs (PD, EMS, BCSO, etc.). But I also have scripts here that can be used by all players. DM me if you don't want...
  3. artiom.r

    Question Does someone need help with a website ?

    Hi there! I am a web developer. I just joined this community, and I'm looking for people who need help. I know some of you might have problems with your websites / need an update / or plan to make one. I'm here to help you. Let me know if you need help or want some advice from a professional.
  4. Lenny_YT

    Advertisement Help txadmin error

    wenn ich dem server joinen will kommt dieser error: [ citizen-server-impl] Server list query returned an error: System.Threading.Tasks.TaskCanceledException: A task was canceled. <- System.TimeoutException: A task was canceled. <- System.Threading.Tasks.TaskCanceledException: The request was...
  5. Thekokolizo

    MLO/YMAP HELP- I can't put the textures into the YDR

    I'm having problems trying to add textures to my YDR file, if someone can explain to me why I don't see the texture, I'd really appreciate it. I attach my files to the post, I hope you can help me, thanks for your time.
  6. Request Request Codem-DungeonSystem - Codem-GroupSystem

    Hello, I'm looking for Codem-DungeonSystem and Codem-GroupSystem Can you help me? https://forum.cfx.re/t/codem-dungeonsystem/3934897 https://forum.cfx.re/t/codem-groupsystem/3865219
  7. chinoxwayne

    Question ERROR Core_Vehicle QBCORE

    who can help me to solve this error please? in qbCore version. I don't know what else I have to do but when I use the /inspect command, I get this. I need your help please, since I am new to this world and more to the QbCore base, because in ESX it works perfectly for me.
  8. Question random error in scripts, please help me

    I have been creating a server for weeks and suddenly any of the scripts is randomly overwritten with a code giving an error, and that happens recurrently and I don't know what the error is I use es_extended legacy 1.6
  9. chrisss4241

    Request Anyone have billing_ui?

    Hello i search this script : PREVIEW
  10. kaz189


    Hey guys, Just needing help with this error on my trucking job. Every time i go to get a job in the truck simulator job it throws the error below. The menu and everything else works fine its just getting a quick job to work and then when i spawn a truck its locked. I cant get in even thou i...
  11. Kaijhgus

    Answered Pls help

    Connection rejected by server: This server uses stolen scripts how fix this this started today
  12. thewolf98

    Script I need one phone standalone or vrp please.

    Hello guys, i need one phone for vRP or Standalone with Mysql-Async or Ghmatti please ^_^
  13. fudgeman2

    Request qb-lock

    need help installing https://github.com/evanillaa/qb-lock ive been trying to with no success, if you can help me out please hmu! :) The main issue i've been having is talking about a resource export not being found for circlelockpick or something like that
  14. pharadeon

    Sales I will fix the bugs on your FiveM server and customise scripts for you

    Fast, reliable and safe with 100% satisfied customers on Fiverr. Looking for a developer to help with bugs, installations, migrations and other stuff? You found him! How it works: We'll get in touch and I'll take a quick look at your problem via Discord...
  15. Request Need stash system for " Chezza's inventory v3 "

    Guys I need a stash for chezzas Inventory v3. Is there someone done it before and wanna share with me? I will be grateful.
  16. AnimatedSouls

    Request Es_extended error

    When ever i try to pick a item up that has been dropped by a player (me or someone else) i get this error, server is running on limit and not on weight, database is installed correctly, i have no clue how to fix this??
  17. cipos356

    Request [REQUEST] Help with shells on Allhousing

    Hi, i have some problems to add shells on allhousing - ESX versione - i want add more house like the GTA V Apartment but, how i can do it?
  18. Answered (Help) TxAdmin Console: "Server list query returned an error" - Any Solution?

    In the TxAdmin Console, It's Saying "Server list query returned an error" Can Anyone Know The Reason & Solution? The Error Text is: "Server list query returned an error: System.Threading.Tasks.TaskCanceledException: A task was canceled. <- System.TimeoutException: A task was canceled. <-...
  19. WeddasRP

    Question Dealership question

    Hi guys, I have a question... How can I set the cars as they appear in the image? They are for the dealer and I can change them as I put new cars (addon) on the server. I've been looking but I can't find any similar script. I know that with codewalker I can put cars from the game in the mapping...
  20. Vehicles right driver's seat

    can someone help me? if a car has a right-hand drive position, how can I resolve to get the character on and off on the right? there is no way I can find a solution. and sorry, my english is real bad! :D

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