1. Iceman859

    Request Looking for a resource but I don't know the name

    Okay, so the best I can describe it is that I played on a server in the past that had a phone app that was essentially a ported version of ******** that was re-branded by the server and they even had a domain you could visit in a web browser that hooked into it. The resource was really cool and...
  2. Request Im looking for this script wais-deathblips

    hello please send ı looking for wais-deathblips
  3. Request Can somebody decrypt this mlo

    can somebody decrypt this mlo
  4. danceq

    Request okok script | GUYS VERY NEED HELP

  5. Turbo37

    Question Handling Editör Script Help

    When I use my saved settings, the driving of the vehicle changes, but it is sketchy. When I choose my own settings on another server, it works perfectly. What is the problem? sorry for my bad english
  6. TheFury009008

    Question disc-invetoryhud | cash as item

    hi, I would like to modify my disc-invetoryhud so the cash and the black-cash are displayed as an item into the invetory, I tried to follow a guide that told me to modify some lines in my es_extended but when I restart my inventory I get a lot of errors (image attached), is there a way to fix this?
  7. Lurozd

    Request Legion Square

    Hello, I'm looking for this mapping, I seem to have seen it on but I can't find it anymore, could someone help me find it please
  8. Turbo37


    When I move away from the players on my Freeroam server, the blip disappears, I looked inside the script, but there is no distance setting, the weird thing is, when I open the blips from the admin menu, it disappears at the same distance, as if a different script is preventing it. Has anyone had...
  9. knankow

    Script Menucard Script | QBCore

    Hello, does anyone happen to have this script or something similar? Preview Script - Video GitHub
  10. eienix


    I have a gks phone on my server, but when I try to call someone, it gives a debug error. i need to use oxmysql i am using it. Another mistake is that I want to make a bank transfer from the phone as seen in the picture.
  11. Question Need help for loaf housing integration with chezzas inventory v3.

    Does anybody did loaf houising work with chezzas inventory v3? I'm trying to do it my self but can't so I need help)
  12. Request Templates for REDM servers

    Hello everyone! Please tell me if there are templates for REDM servers, for example, like a QBcore and ESX for FiveM?
  13. civerian

    Question attempt to index a nil value (field "?")

    Hello, I had a problem with an ESX script which when starting the server throws me this error: SCRIPT ERROR: @tiki_amigos/server/sv_main.lua:17: attempt to index a nil value (field "?") Someone who can help me, here I share the code
  14. Sales Custom scripts + some scripts from keymaster - DM on Discord

    Hi. I have been working on FiveM scripts for 4 years. I would like to offer you some of my scripts. They are cheap, simple, and optimized. Rather, I focus on scripts for government jobs (PD, EMS, BCSO, etc.). But I also have scripts here that can be used by all players. DM me if you don't want...
  15. artiom.r

    Question Does someone need help with a website ?

    Hi there! I am a web developer. I just joined this community, and I'm looking for people who need help. I know some of you might have problems with your websites / need an update / or plan to make one. I'm here to help you. Let me know if you need help or want some advice from a professional.
  16. Lenny_YT

    Advertisement Help txadmin error

    wenn ich dem server joinen will kommt dieser error: [ citizen-server-impl] Server list query returned an error: System.Threading.Tasks.TaskCanceledException: A task was canceled. <- System.TimeoutException: A task was canceled. <- System.Threading.Tasks.TaskCanceledException: The request was...
  17. Thekokolizo

    MLO/YMAP HELP- I can't put the textures into the YDR

    I'm having problems trying to add textures to my YDR file, if someone can explain to me why I don't see the texture, I'd really appreciate it. I attach my files to the post, I hope you can help me, thanks for your time.
  18. Request Request Codem-DungeonSystem - Codem-GroupSystem

    Hello, I'm looking for Codem-DungeonSystem and Codem-GroupSystem Can you help me?
  19. chinoxwayne

    Question ERROR Core_Vehicle QBCORE

    who can help me to solve this error please? in qbCore version. I don't know what else I have to do but when I use the /inspect command, I get this. I need your help please, since I am new to this world and more to the QbCore base, because in ESX it works perfectly for me.
  20. Question random error in scripts, please help me

    I have been creating a server for weeks and suddenly any of the scripts is randomly overwritten with a code giving an error, and that happens recurrently and I don't know what the error is I use es_extended legacy 1.6