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hiring staff

  1. theprogamer_22

    Advertisement NorthGeorgia Roleplay

    This Is A New Fivem server. Serious Roleplay server where anyone can be a cop ems or fire you can own mansions business and gangs and more and you have to be 17 and up and make sure that you have a working micphone and also to be a staff you must be 17 and up and if anybody interested join the...
  2. midz18

    Advertisement LOOKING FOR STAFF MEMBERS!!!!!

    Hey guys, I am a female server owner and I am looking for admin and moderators to help boost the server and bring in more people. The server is called NZ NATIVES RP 1.0 and is based in new zealand. I am looking for motivated and driven staff team that can help out with the server in terms of in...
  3. Capt_Moham

    Advertisement Code Two Roleplay | Public Cop | Whitelisted Departments | Giveaways | VMenu | Hiring Staff

    Code Two Roleplay A Fully Immersive Roleplay Server Server IP: cfx.re/join/z9rq79 TeamSpeak: code2rp.zap-ts3.com Discord: HERE CAD/MDT: code2roleplaycad.bubbleapps.io CAD/MDT Public Civ Password: C2RPCIVILIAN2022 Current Giveaway: 2x $5 Amazon Gift Cards Who We Are We are Code Two Roleplay...

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