1. SavanaScript

    PAID [ESX/QBCORE] Savana Hud V2

    Easy and editable config You can move hud parts anywhere you want Special notification Weapon hud Adjustable hud colors Option to save multiple profiles and share profiles with others Key indicator menu You can easily add and remove the features you want The nitro system is built in Stress...
  2. Padéa*

    Script [leak HUD] Tommy's Scripts | Tommy's HUD (v1)

    Download Link : tommy-hud
  3. Lonely_

    Script Wais E-HUD [OPEN SOURCE]

    DL Link : wais-ehud
  4. cornegaming

    HUD frp-hud fixed
  5. JustKidding69

    Script [Free] VMS HUD | Highly Customizable Hud

    Preview : Virus Total - Virus Total -Download -[/ISPOILER] Download Link
  6. Not_Null


    Description: A hud completely customizable compatible for ESX Legacy & QBCore Framework and at the same time using frameworks like vue and tailwind You can buy from here: ESX QBCORE Features: Get health, armor, hunger and thirst status. Add your own server logo. Enable/Disable the minimap...
  7. Script ES_ArgusHUD: Ultimate Awareness Interface for FiveM

  8. Request frkn fps boost and crosshair menu

    If anyone has it can they please post it?
  9. ysfbaker


    Hello, ATY_İCEHUD was shared in the forum and I decided to edit this hud. I think it was a nice hud, I hope it will help fivem get rid of the round hud used on every server, even if it is a small help. Update - I looked at it, it would be better if there was a border so that we could notice...
  10. Script [FREE] cs_hud core service full hud Opensource

    Fully open source CoreService HUD FREE Download Link: workupload - Are you a human?
  11. Themej

    Script [FREE][QBCORE] inspired QBCore Hud

    QBCore Hud Heavily edited of QBCore Hud by me into Nopixel 4.0 inspired design with manual transmission. Add Manual transmission car I’ve also edit HRSGears into checking vehicle instead of using command to enable it. Here go to HRSGears client.lua on line 28 add the car you want. *** Hidden...
  12. xhzdaniel

    PAID [PAID][QBCore] xhz-hud

    xhz-hud [ONLY QBCORE] Clean, nice looking hud. - FEATURES Cool UI Health, Armor, Hunger, stress and Thrist indicators Cool Speedometer Hud Belt Sytem Location system Date and Time Player ID Keybinds Server Logo Fuel System KM/H AND MP/H Jobs count indicator Ammo count indicator Custom money...
  13. YouYouYouYou

    Script 🙌🙌[STANALINE] [FREE] Eyes Argus Hud

  14. Michealsik


  15. aviv354

    Script AllRacuScripts - ESX
  16. aviv354

    Script bp-hud for ESX

    Preview -
  17. mrstonecutter

    PAID None Development | Circle Player HUD

    None Development | Circle Player HUD Preview Tebex None Development Discord Server Features/Details Easy config Optimized Easy to use Buff System Easy to exports Requirements QBCore Normal In Vehicle
  18. Script uz trygonhud v2

    link; 29.14 MB file on MEGA PREVIEW:
  19. Script 0R-H4D V2 | Fivem Hud Script OpenSource!!!

    OPEN SOURCE Fivem hud from 00resmon I'll take a thank you.
  20. PAID .....

    ................. deleted