1. Ricsii

    Script Core Jobutilities [ESX]

    Core Jobutilities - Bossmenu - Jobcenter Showcase: Download: *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  2. grootxdev


    Jobs Duty System A duty script for a FiveM server that easily maintains player job duty hours Requirements: oxmysql ox_lib ox_target Supported Framework: ESX Features Custom UI Configurable Optimized Can add multiple duty jobs Can add multiple off/one duty menu locations/coordinates...
  3. Forlax

    PAID [QB/ESX] NoPixel 4.0 Inspired Gruppe6 Job

    GruppeSechs Fully customizable with the ability to do bank pickups, atm refills and much more, in groups! Everything is perfectly sync within the workers and you can configure it from the NPC coords to to the reputation gains, and missions and much more! Tasks are fully sync betwen group...
  4. MMA

    Request Farmer Simiulator Job

    i need this job
  5. Script IF MECHANIC TUNNING (Job mecano)
  6. Ciastekbatak

    PAID Justscripts ⭐✨

    FiveM Justscripts Cheapest FiveM Scripts out there Receive all scripts in one cheap subscription , visit JustScripts! Offers - 20 $ Justscripts Plus 1 Month - 50 $ Justscripts Plus 3 Months Justscripts plus include all scripts! Purchase scripts in single payment at Justscripts products See...
  7. purpledev


    thats my new electrian job for fivem and free thats link; good uses
  8. CreatorLevel

    Request Best miner script

    Hi, I am the owner of Shore RP and I was looking for a script in particular. Does anyone knows which miner script is xQc using in this videdo? 0:49. Thanks.
  9. Creepybazooka

    Sales Uniq Jobcreator -50%

    Hello, I sell my uniq-jobcreator for 11,90€. DM me on Discord if you are interested: creepybazooka. Greetings
  10. xdpopo13031

    Script 17mov_BuilderJob BIG leak!!!!!!!

    JOB leak
  11. clea111

    Script [leak] White Widow Weeb Job Script [BEST WEED]

    Here we present our revamped pharmaceutical White Widow assignment for your server. This code operates completely autonomously from the core qb-weed, so no need for removal or replacement. You can gather crops, trim them into sacks, and then either roll joints or indulge in a bong hit. The...
  12. FalconLoneX

    PAID [PAID] [QB/ESX] [CHEAP] LONE Multiplayer Trucker Job

    Resource Name : LONE Multiplayer Trucker Job Description: Lone Multiplayer Trucker Job will make trucker job more enjoyable with friends and earn more doing convey . The Trucker Job supports both (QB) and (ESX) frameworks, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of FiveM servers. Stay tuned...
  13. Job DELETE

  14. HuyHit

    Script [QBCore] Mechanic Tuner Script (DebuX)

    Preview *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  15. Script [FREE][ESX/QB] Randolio: Newspaper Delivery

  16. Themej

    Script [FREE] [QBCORE] Fuel Delivery Job

    QB-Core Fuel Delivery Job This is an in-depth fuel delivery job script that allows your players to deliver fuel around San Andreas. The included script allows the current following config options: Preview: Config : *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden...
  17. PAID New Job System

    Sorry if im in wrong category.. Anyone have this? Seems to be very complete, 7 different jobs all in one and synced. Thanks guys,
  18. chefrz

    PAID [PAID] - [QB / ESX / OX] Ice Cream Job

    Script Preview Config File Tebex
  19. hamdanco0

    Script Drugs (updated)

    ### Installation 1) Drag & drop the folder into your `resources` server folder. 2) Configure the config file to your liking. 3) Import items.sql into your database 4) Add `start t1ger_drugs` to your server config.
  20. Perfect_Project

    PAID [QB-Core] Speedy Courier Job

    Preview : Click Me Download : Tebex Features: - Detailed and easy config. (change start location, change deliveries location ). - Easy set up (drag and drop) - Complete synchronisation with other players. - Fully optimized. - 0.02ms - Discord Webhook - Support. - 24/7 Christmas discount...