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  1. Advertisement WestCoastRP(US)

    Currently Seeking Applicants for: Fire Department EMS/EMT Real Estate With more jobs and player owned business to come. All applicants MUST go through an application for the role/job Maintain character at all times Be respectful of other guests in the city and enjoy the city in its entirety...
  2. drasus


  3. Job DJ Job (esx)

  4. Nexus Serious RP

    Advertisement Nexus Serious Roleplay | GTA5 FiveM | Active Staff | Optimized Server

    NEXUS SERIOUS ROLEPLAY Nexus Offers You A Chance To Start A Whole New Life Based On How You Like Playing, No More Having To Settle For Anything Less Than The Lifestyle You Want To Play Weather Your Looking To Uphold The Law, Traffic Drugs, Join / Create A Gang, Or live A Humble Life, We Have It...
  5. itmitt

    Advertisement TRAPWORLD

    TrapWorld - New Up and Coming Semi-Serious FiveM server Cayo Perico Island Rob Inventories Custom and Usable Drugs Usable Weed/Custom Dispensaries Custom Clothing Custom MLOs Custom Cars Trunk/Glovebox Inventory Player Owned Businesses Housing / Real Estate Working Phones Custom Jobs And...
  6. Waze99

    Advertisement [UK/EU] British North West Roleplay

    North West RolePlay is a RP Server. We maintain an active staff team and community, all of which work together to provide the best and most up to date FiveM server out there. Features include a dynamic economy, whitelisted jobs such as Police and NHS with real ranking structures with performance...
  7. annareed007

    Advertisement One Shot RP

    This is our QBcore new server, called One Shot RP, we have whitelisted jobs, gangs, robberies, houses, cars, a big variety of custom clothing. You can have multiple jobs and switch easily between them, you don't have to go back and forth to the job center. You are always welcome to apply for...
  8. kaz189


    Works with the latest qbus version. https://mega.nz/folder/CO5VTI4D#IHruozsywvRUpFYOUPy8DA

    Script Inside job

    INSIDE JOB [inside-jobs] – Google Drive
  10. honneebun

    Advertisement Night City RP | Serious RP | Whitelisted Jobs | 200+ Custom Cars | Housing | PD/EMS Jobs | Custom Scripts & More!

    🌙 Night City RP🌙 We are One-Sync Stable! We are a newly wiped server, with a very good team of staff, and a talented group of devs! We have a positive and interactive community! We are looking for regulars to join our awesome server! Server Features: Multi-Separate Characters Court System...
  11. Advertisement RealLife Roleplay - Hiring/needing players

    Brand new Roleplay server launching today to play on, We are hiring for all departments and staff, we have lots of custom jobs. redesigned banking system, full department discords, custom cars and trucks, we are also needing staff. Come join the discord and watch us progress until launch today...
  12. Script Need qbcore working jobs please

    Like hunting, mining , chicken etc need this jobs all qbcore jobs with sql working if u have pls send
  13. Quattro

    Script QBCore 17 Jobs

    Hello Vag QBCore 17 Jobs *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** V.T
  14. Advertisement English | Active Staff & Emergency Services | New Server | R5M | Apply for EMS & LEO |

    Hey There, I am Darth also known as David Frazer on the R5M Public Roleplay Server. I am here to promote the server and to tell you guys why it's an amazing Server to play on. First of all is it's a NoPixel inspired server and it's custom coded. Highly trained EMS, Doctors, Fire Fighters and...
  15. Quattro

    Script QbCore Misc Jobs

    2 Legal QB professions for you! Download VT
  16. Script Apple Farming And Processing Job For FiveM [ESX]

    Apple Farming and processing FiveM script include the picking the apple from trees and Process into juice then sell it in market place, this script is essentialmode/es_extended based script that enable the Apple farming job on your server. Download Apple Farming Job
  17. Samurai

    Script guille_jobcreator

    (Design by Loskis) Hi everyone, I am releasing this script that allows to create all your jobs ingame. You can create every job INGAME you want with a low resmon 0.01-0.03. The installation of the script is in the README. Features Low resmon Ui Create jobs ingame Delete them easy A lot of...

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