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  1. SouthsideRoleplay

    Advertisement Southside Roleplay | Newly formed server | Friendly community | Active Player base | vMenu

    This Is Southside Roleplay! Southside Roleplay is a server that is coming very close to it’s launch date! We’re excited to announce that we have put a lot of hard work and extended time into development to ensure the best possible roleplay experience for everyone. We want to invite YOU to the...
  2. Advertisement FreshStart RP

    https://discord.gg/x4QnngcaAT Join our discord and come have some fun. Serious RP Gangs Leo DOJ Bank robberies Heists Economy
  3. herbs

    Advertisement Trinity Reserve Roleplay

    Hello, We are Trinity Reserve RP and are looking for more players to join our city and start their own story and unique adventures. We have been going on for 2 month by now and are looking for many more months to come! Right now we are looking for: - High command for Police in general, if you've...
  4. Full-Time Network

    Advertisement Full-Time Network | Realistic and Freedom of Roleplay | New FiveM Server| Looking for Law Enforcement and Fire Department Members

    Introduction Full-Time Network is a San Andreas Menu Based FiveM Roleplaying community with a wide range of content, where you can roleplay as anyone from a civilian to an officer of the law. We pride ourselves on professional and realistic roleplay for all members. We are currently looking for...
  5. yjj

    Advertisement Midnight DOJRP | vMenu Based | Sonoran CAD | Active ES/LEO/FD | Custom Interiors

    ➖➖➖Welcome to Midnight DOJRP! ➖➖➖ Midnight DOJRP is a new role-play server, looking for new civilians/LSPD/EMS/Staff. We would like to welcome new civilians to the city. We have a variety of friendly staff team that covers all time zones which means we are always around to help out if need be...
  6. Advertisement FiveM Server Advertisement

    Hello, I am the Head Of Staff for BDRP - BlackDuty Roleplay we are a realistic roleplay server based on Los santos county. And we are looking for More members to join our community. BlackDuty Roleplay. About us: BlackDuty Roleplay is a vMenu based public FiveM Roleplaying server. We focus on...
  7. Advertisement Horizon Roleplay | HIRING DEPT. HEADS | HIRING STAFF

    JOIN HERE: Discord Hello! Thank you for clicking on our little advertisement here, we are a new server looking for active members to help our community grow. We have custom vehicle packs for all active departments and many openings in all departments. We are looking to hire people to run SAFD...
  8. RazersIQ

    Advertisement Join South Side Roleplay Today!!

    Welcome To South Side RP What Is SSRP: South Side Roleplay Is A Vmenu Based Roleplay Server Were You Can Have Fun With No Toxicness And Roleplay In So Many Fun Ways We Are Currently Seeking Active Members Active Staff Active Departments Please Consider Joining Our Server We Have So Many...
  9. Advertisement 🏙️[NEW] Nocity Roleplay | 100+ Custom Vehicles | Economy Based | Serious RP [NEW]

    Hi, welcome to NRP! Economy based server, if you are wanting to join the city make sure to join the discord server, and see if you fit in. When joining the city, you will be rewarded with 100K starting bonus. If you join from here and use the code "VAGONTOP" I will personally add an extra 200K...
  10. IcYFlapz

    Advertisement Merica Made Roleplay

    Custom Scripts | 📜 Custom Cars | 🚗 Paid Models | 💰 Custom Clothing | 👕 Best Vehicle Models | 🚗 Roleplay | 🎲 Great Community | 🌎 Mature Community | 🧓 Active Staff | 🚗 Economy Based | 🎲 5 Types Of Drugs | 🌿 https://discord.gg/jy9BNbSmMh
  11. Advertisement Indiana Department Of Justice RP / Whitelisted / Indiana Based / Custom Scripts + Maps

    Indiana Department Of Justice RP <<<<<<<<---------->>>>>>>>> Featuring: vMenu, Sonoran CAD, Custom EUP, Custom Civ and LEO cars, NON ESX, Whitelist Discord, Whitelist Server, Fully Indiana Based, In House Devs, Adult Owned! Lots of map add on's, Sandy shores sand delete adding grass to...
  12. Blues Mafia | Gramps

    Advertisement | English | NoPixel 3.0 Vibes | Active Staff, Active EMS & LEO | New Server | R5M/Bear Earth | Apply for EMS & LEO |

    Server Name - R5M / Bear Earth Join Link - https://cfx.re/join/6l7m97 Social Media - https://discord.io/RFIVEM We have alot of good content and unique scripts that will give you a nice experince in game, we have for now 48 slots and 28 active people, our objective is to create a community of...
  13. Advertisement North Yankton RP

    Welcome to North Yankton Roleplay! Newest Update: - Alpha Bulit in Progress! We currently have Beta open - Our server runs on OneSync with 32-Players! - Join our Discord for special in-game perks! - Apply on our Discord with our Custom Discord bot. - Our community utilizes a...
  14. SeanM[MLRP COO]

    Advertisement MoonLight Roleplay | Serious RolePlay | Vmenu | Easy Applications | Hiring LEO/FD/Staff/Developer's | Gang's Allowed | Active Staff

    RSO Dynamics Featuring MoonLight RolePlay About Us: MoonLight RolePlay was created & funded on the 26 July, 2021. We are growing really fast so join now! We are still yet developing on the server and will hopefully release the server very soon! We have incredibly good perks when donating! You...
  15. Blues Mafia | Gramps

    Advertisement | English | Active Staff, Emergency Services & Clinic | New Server | R5M | Apply for EMS & LEO |

    Server Name - R5M Join Link - https://cfx.re/join/6l7m97 Social Media - https://discord.io/RFIVEM Description - R5M is a new community, that born since a month, and we are trying to make it as good as possible!!! We have alot of good content and unique scripts that will give you a nice...
  16. Advertisement DracoRP Just launched

    Have you ever wanted to live the life of a gangster or drug dealer? Well at DracoRP you can start your very own gang, find creative ways to make money and control as much territory as you can but remember to watch out for the Police. If you want a career in Law Enforcement to keep the gangs...

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