1. papito

    PAID [Paid] Casale degli Ulivi. Italian Ranch in Los Santos MLO

    Hi! This is a restaurant, pizzeria and wine factory. This kind of building is very common in the Volcano’s areas of all the south Italy. Features Two story pizzeria, with kitchen and bathrooms; A new building, the Old winery, with a wine bar inside and a Office; Three guardposts with open...
  2. papito

    PAID [Paid]Venice Beach Apple Store MLO

    This is our new release. The MLO is shipped with some custom assets you can re-use as: - Iphone 14; - Tables; - Desks. The map is located on the East side of Venice Beach, and you can use it as a second phone store. Video Showcase Tebex Store **Interiors**:
  3. Wizz Chang

    PAID 👮🏻ᴘᴏʟɪᴄᴇ-ᴅᴇᴘᴀʀᴛᴍᴇɴᴛ

    Police Department Realistic Facilities: Each room is furnished with authentic furniture and equipment, creating a realistic working environment for the police. Functioning Cameras: The department features a functional jail with cameras designed to hold detained criminals. Departments: The...
  4. Alpatch0


    This new MLO is for Los santos only or for Liberty NT Map Buy it here RPF Development | Packages
  5. Akirala

    PAID [MAP] Kelly Park Hood

    Fivem Los Angeles hood style Buy here : Akira's Shop Fivem | [MAP] Kelly Park Hood Showcase : soon... (some screen on my discord and below the post :) Discord : 👷‍♂️ Made by Akira (me) ⚙️ Full optimized mapping 🏡 Many Los Angeles styled house and custom...
  6. Wizz Chang

    PAID [Map] Paleto Central Park

    The central park is the heart of the Paleto Bay. Here you'll find: Fountain: A beautiful fountain gracing the center of the park. Basketball Court: A perfect spot to challenge your friends to a game of hoops. Kebab Shop: A delicious place to grab a bite when you're feeling hungry. Party Zone...
  7. Dwight_MNF

    PAID K Pri Legion Square Expansion

    If you are interested in this mlo join my dc:
  8. PinkMan662

    PAID FIVEM MLO - Mansion Kobe

    Your players deserve to have a luxury home like this in an exclusive location with incredible views of the entire city. File Size: 24mb Coords: -269.24, 733.86, 209.41
  9. Alex00

    PAID [Paid] UncleJust Army v2 [NO FXAP FILE!]

    - Sold through Open Source and Keymaster Discord: hoodreal
  10. JebanaPtica

    Request Vanilla Unicorn Rework | Request

    Anyone having this?
  11. Alpatch0


    For FiveM only. - Have 36 new apartments in 4 building - 3 Different style - All props dynamics - 4 level by Building with dirt in stair and lot of props - New underground secret base - Grass added arround the Hood - Add door and automatic gate dynamics
  12. Alpatch0


    For fivem server only. - Automatic gate with door next to - New fence and gate in 2 location not in Video see picture just here - You have 76 apart's in 3 new Building - Roof top with lot of props and recreational - Grass added arround the Hood - New props dynamics with fire and new tree...
  13. safak

    PAID [PAID] [MLO] Chamberlain Apartment

    Chamberlain Apartment [GTA V] [FiveM] This custom map enhances one of the most popular locations, adding a hight quality building, garden, liquor store and basketball court, and does so in a fully optimised way without reducing any FPS. To find out more about our prices and content ...
  14. her13mayis

    Request Does anyone have this map?

    Those who have the map can contact us via Discord. Discord: anubistr
  15. AboElsid2

    Request Map Ramadan

    Can someone provide this map? [Free???] :cry:
  16. Gerbooo21


    T1JNES mrpd for singleplayer (sp) Name: ➡️ : Politie HB Blokkenpark Preview : ➡️ File: ➡️ **Let me know if it aint working**
  17. Alex00

    PAID [PAID] [OPEN SOURCE] Alcatraz - Molo Modding

    if you want this mlo open ticket here Join the Hoodreal MLO Center Discord Server!
  18. PinkMan662

    Request DELETED

    DELETED DELETED I posted it in the wrong place sorry
  19. Alpatch0


    NEW UPDATE OF LAS VENTURAS ( MAP RED DEAD DESERT ) V 2.0 - Casino Diamond with garage - Bar Tekilala - 2 Clothe shop - Tatoo shop - Bank Fleeca - 247 Shop - 2 Amunation - Gaz station - Donus shop - Building with appartment and garage - lot of new building for decoration - Some grasse in *Las...
  20. Royal Custom's

    PAID Royal Villa MLO by Royal Custom's

    Introduction: Greetings We’re excited to share our very first release, the Royal Villa MLO by Royal Customs. As this is our inaugural venture, we extend our sincere apologies for any potential mistakes. We hope you’ll join us on this journey as we present this opulent and meticulously designed...