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  1. foysalzaman12as

    Question OxSql not saving data into database

    Can anyone help me fix this issue?
  2. cfxregame

    Guide Converting Mysql Queries To Ghmattimysql

    mysql.async.execute = exports.ghmattimysql.execute mysql.async.fetchall = exports.ghmattimysql:execute mysql.async.insert = exports.ghmattimysql:execute mysql.sync.fetchall = exports.ghmattimysql:executeSync mysql.sync.fetchscalar = exports.ghmattimysql:scalarSync mysql.async.fetchscalar =...
  3. Answered what happened

  4. Ares

    Script OxMySQL - Lightweight MySQL wrapper

    Hello Vag forum members, I wanted to share a new system that I came across, I hope you like it. Introduction Lightweight database middleware for FXServer which utilises node-mysql2 36 to communicate with a database and respond with the query results. Motivation You may know that the existing...
  5. Meta

    Guide What Are Resmon/MySQL Values?

    ✌️Hello VAG Forum Family✌️ From what I've seen on the forum full to person data values and resmon values they don't judge and everyone says different things I will explain this in detail. What is Resmon❓ 🔹Resmon values are a variable table depending on one's processor. it can give low...

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