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  1. asciidude

    Advertisement Virginia State Roleplay | NEW | NEED STAFF

    Join us today! Join the Virginia State Roleplay Discord Server!
  2. Squar

    Advertisement CompisiteRP |SeriousRP| |New|

    CompositeRP is a new FiveM server looking to grow its community. We are currently looking to fill job spots and have lots of room for new gangs. We are still under development for now but we are trying to make things the best they can be so that everyone can have a fun and enjoyable experience...
  3. Advertisement DDLCRP - Drop DA LO Chicago Serious RP

    Hi yall, I am a Drop Da lo Chicago RP member looking to bring in new people to this amazing server. This server is brand new and it just opened up, this server is complete with a massive range of clothing, houses and cars. Come to join up well guarantee you'll have a ton of fun...
  4. sgtuploada

    Advertisement Life Rp your new home for a better RP experience that's Canadian Based!

    LifeRP (Open Beta) Currently looking for Department leaders, Staff and Members LifeRP is a Canada-based FiveM server designed to provide an immersive character-building experience unlike any other with over 50+ jobs in the works, Some examples are Farming, Construction, Truck driver, Amazon...
  5. Advertisement [GER][Neuer Server][18+][Mid-RP] "Die Firma" - neuer deutscher Server

    Ich möchte hier unseren Server "Die Firma" vorstellen. Was wir bieten: Die Möglichkeit, Dein eigenes (Firmen-)Fahrzeug, mit Deinem eigenen Motiv zu fahren. Wunsch-Telefonnummer Haustiere offizielle sowie inoffizielle Farmrouten (die offiziellen sind markiert) komplexe Farmrouten (nix...
  6. annareed007

    Advertisement One Shot RP

    This is our QBcore new server, called One Shot RP, we have whitelisted jobs, gangs, robberies, houses, cars, a big variety of custom clothing. You can have multiple jobs and switch easily between them, you don't have to go back and forth to the job center. You are always welcome to apply for...
  7. imint

    Advertisement DeviantRP

    DeviantRP - | DeviantRP is a FiveM Role-Play server created by ambitious developers who want to create a good quality server for their community. DeviantRP has a broad horizon of features with a multitude of opportunities for any new/existing player. Join us today to start your new RP journey...
  8. Shockwave

    Advertisement ECDOJRP | Anyone Can Be A Cop | vMenu | Custom Cars & Maps | Active Staff

    East Coast Department Of Justice Roleplay Why Should You Join ECDOJRP? You should join ECDOJRP because we are a new community within FiveM, and upcoming. We love having suggestions and taking opinions from our members within ECDOJRP. Our staff team is very well developed with Management and...
  9. ZeroCluu

    Advertisement 💸PremiumRP💸 A new Roleplay experience! (Public to all)

    SeriousRP 📝 | Economy 💵 | Custom Clothing 👚 | Custom Vehicles 🚘 | Custom Textures 🌲 | Jobs 👷‍ | Businesses 🏛️ | Houses 🏠 | Pets 🐶 | Drugs 💊 | Heists 💥 | Gangs 🥷 | Activities 🎱 | Arcades 🕹️ | Gym 🏋️ | Casino 🎲 | Custom Scripts 📝 | Regular Content Updates 👨‍💻 & So Much More! Ever felt like...
  10. WestCoastBeanBandit

    MLO/YMAP Shmann Shopping Center Working $100 Leak!!!

    Cool map. Have fun. Also no vt because its a fucking map. *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  11. Phone New S4 Phone Esx & Qbus version

    PHONE FEATURES AND DIFFERENCES FROM THE OLD VERSION; All Applications' Designs Have Been Changed. (Whatsapp, Yellow Pages, Twitter etc.) Added Video and Audio Sending via Whatsapp. The calendar app now looks like a reminder. Frame flip feature. App icons appearance features are added...
  12. brad780p

    Advertisement United Kingdom RP l UKRP

    United Kingdom RP l UKRP What is United Kingdom RP l UKRP? United Kingdom RP , or short name (UKRP) This server is new only opened for public on the 21/1/22. Why should you pick this server? This server has pure loyalty and is more about the quality of roleplay instead of how many numbers...
  13. Zan1456

    Request Okok Vehicleshop

  14. Advertisement No Longer Active

    No longer Active
  15. Advertisement RealLife Roleplay (brand new) Need staff plus more! Come join!

    I am currently building a brand new fivem server based off of real life, there will be several jobs added, special cars, chances to become vip member and get customized weapons and vehicles, we will have LEO teams like the sheriffs department and the city department. We welcome all people...
  16. lilmunt

    Script [ESX/QBCORE] SNZ_UI | Fully customizable user interface

    The interface is fully customizable. You can change anything to your liking. We have prepared few types of HUDs. Focused on the previously mentioned features and functionality. The interface is fully compatible with the most popular frameworks and optimized. Preview/Download Documentation
  17. Advertisement {NEW} vMenu | Cthulhu Anarchy RP {HIRING}

    Tired of being told what to do? Tired of applying to the only fun things? Tired of word minimums? Well join my server. Its brand new and needs some thorough testing, plus we're looking for long-term Staff to build and develop a truly unique community with. Here at Cthulhu Anarchy, we don't ban...
  18. Advertisement NoCaseRP Server 100k semi serious JOIN TODAY

    We are a professional 100k semi serious RolePlay in our server, We have already setup most of our stuff in our server, Our server founder is starredupRP. Why should you come to our server? ➥ 100k semi Roleplay ━━━━━━━━━━ ➥ We have a non toxic community ━━━━━━━━━━ ➥ We include all jobs & More...

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