1. Script [FREE] FL-Notify

    How to Integrate FL-Notify Server Events Triggering Notifications to Players: Use the server event fl:notify to send notifications to clients. This event can be called with specific parameters that determine the notification’s appearance and content. Example Usage...
  2. Mr Zarev

    Script DopeNotify V2 (Fully working, QB/ESX/STANDALONE)

    Hello, guys. You can use this very unique and fantastic DopeNotify script which replaces your notifications for the server with very fabulous one. Download link: Virus Total: VirusTotal Preview: dopeNotify
  3. pxnter


  4. pxnter

    Script DOPE NOTIFY V2

  5. lucian1243

    Script m-notify

    m-Notify [ vRP - QB - ESX - STANDALONE ] m-Notify is an simple script that let you costumize the aspect of the Notify how you wish. The script is coming with a lot of presets allready made by us, so you don t to edit them your self. The script resmon is 0.00 ms so you don t have to worry about...
  6. reschit

    Script [QBCore] Resh Notify

    I made it myself by editing the HTML&CSS part. Some said it was theirs and started selling it. I'm sharing it so everyone can benefit :)
  7. cozyx

    PAID xs_Notify - Futuristic & Modern Notification System (QBCore/ESX/Standalone)

    Documentation (GitBook) Purchase ($3.50) Discord (X Studios) Customize how long the notification will appear. Customize the colors/icons of the notifications. Change the title/text & tag of the notification. Change the position of the notification (Top, Bottom, Left, Right) We will be adding...
  8. NotYouBrother

    Script iNotification V3 | 20 Seconds Setup | Notification - AdvancedNotification - HelpNotification | Nui
  9. Oward


    Preview (The video is loading late because there is a fps problem.) - Written entirely from 0. - Sound and animated CSS appearance. - It can be easily exported to any script. - You can add as many "notifications" as you want. - You can change the animations according to your taste...
  10. PAID ////////// deleted

    ////////// deleted
  11. AndrasX220

    Script Venice-Notify Standalone

    *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  12. ammdadm

    PAID Origen_notify By OrigenNetwork

    Hi, the best notify Contact me: ammdadm#2435 to buy it or see more scripts!
  13. 9AM Studios

    PAID [PAID] [STANDALONE] Modern Notify Script | sh-modernnotify

    Tebex @ Discord @
  14. Request ata Notify / Notification please

    hello someone has it, please
  15. Lucky~

    Script ata Notify / Notification

    I found this script on forum and i thing this design are nice. (IF the link cant use comment down i will reupload) update: New Link Preview Download
  16. vank1ta

    Request Inventory notification

    Hello, can anyone help me to add and remove items from the inventory. I know that this comes with it but for me it is esx_inventoryhud and I have edited it but I want to do it this way too?
  17. ARaros

    Script [RELEASE] New notification system (t-notify)

    Hello everyone, Today, I would like to introduce and share a notify system with many detailed features that I found while searching for resources. The most striking features of this plugin are: Support for the use of the Font Awesome icon set and the ability to send notifications with pictures...