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  1. Stay Developments

    PAID [PAID] [STANDALONE] Modern Notify Script | sh-modernnotify

    Tebex @ staydev.tebex.io Discord @ discord.gg/staydev
  2. Request ata Notify / Notification please

    hello someone has it, please
  3. Lucky~

    Script ata Notify / Notification

    I found this script on forum and i thing this design are nice. (IF the link cant use comment down i will reupload) update: New Link Preview Download
  4. vank1ta

    Request Inventory notification

    Hello, can anyone help me to add and remove items from the inventory. I know that this comes with it but for me it is esx_inventoryhud and I have edited it but I want to do it this way too?
  5. ARaros

    Script [RELEASE] New notification system (t-notify)

    Hello everyone, Today, I would like to introduce and share a notify system with many detailed features that I found while searching for resources. The most striking features of this plugin are: Support for the use of the Font Awesome icon set and the ability to send notifications with pictures...

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