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  1. Script [NUI/ESX] Zedkover Inventory

    Gofile - Free Unlimited File Sharing and Storage
  2. Meeth

    PAID Advanced Drug System with ui [QBCore/ESX]

    [QBCore/ESX] Advanced Drugs System | ZM ADVANCED DRUGS SYSTEM Easy adjustable config. Fully optimized. Responsive Design. Works with qb or esx. You can add as many daily missions as you want. You can customize daily missions as you wish. You can add as many rewards as you want. This script...
  3. floteen101

    Script [ESX/QBCore] FiveM Voting Script with UI

    Description Note: I am releasing this script again as the old one was deleted due to some issue. Hello gamers! today I am going to launch a new version of my script ss-voting. This is the universal voting script by which you can conduct any type of voting. This is a fully UI-controlled voting...
  4. victorBOY_ZX

    PAID [PAID][ESX][QBCore] Car Stancer

    [PAID][ESX][QBCore] Car Stance - ZentriX Shop A great car stance script, with a great NUI Features: Vehicle stance with: Wheel Camber, Wheel Offset, Rim Size (only with non stock wheels), Wheels Width (only with non stock wheels) Fully configurable + translations Synced with all players...
  5. codexovic

    Script Custom Identity Menu (Register)

    Quick identity(register) menu with awesome UI made by me (codex), i hope u will enjoy. For any help comment. Preview: P.S i will public more ui scripts in a short period.
  6. Script jobcenter with nui

    here is a jobcenter script with nui, u can add jobs in the config
  7. VelikiOtac


    Hello, Today I present you an ESX VehicleShop: Features: Responsive NUI design for vehicleshop You can make zones for vehicleshop, boatshop and whatever you like to do. All within one script Purchase a vehicle and store it in database Sell vehicle to other player via contract. Test vehicle...
  8. VelikiOtac


    Hello, today I present you a menu for FiveM, it was meant for ESX, but with some knowledge you can convert it to any other framework. When you buy the script you get it in ESX, If you are interested in buying the script please contact me on Discord so that we can negotiate a price! Discord...

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