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  1. Anonymouse

    MLO/YMAP [ MLO Pack ] Pizza maffia, integrity lobby, Dell peru apartments

    Dell Perro apartments Pizza maffia MLO Integrity Lobby This one has some issues with pillbox best replacement is a other hospital if you want this one let me know down below i can share these! These MLO's still work with the latest QB-Core and ESX as to my knowledge Download...
  2. Anonymouse

    Guide How do you create a fresh QB-Core Server! How to test scripts or home based server!

    I got allot of questions of peoples how to create a Fivem Server by using QB-Core's Framework, Here is a fast example how you can create a QB-Core server without any problems! Every solution to every problem (*No portforwarding*) is showen in this video so everyone can stop asking arround...
  3. absolut.

    Script [QB] fazitanvir Vehicleshop - Optimised

    This was sourced from GitHub - fazitanvir/qb-vehicleshop: Script For Buying Vehicles Used With QB-Core To whom it might interest, Please keep in mind that I don't exactly know what I'm doing. I have minimum Lua experience and would not know how to further optimise the system. Although, I've...
  4. Ares

    Script [QBCore]Rs-vehicleshredding

    Greetings vag family, I stopped editing and writing scripts for a long time, but I started again at the request of a few of our friends. to you today Rs-vehicleshredding The script that I will share the script of does not belong to me, I did not present it to you by making changes and...
  5. ammdadm

    Sales Origen MasterJob - 90€ - 90$

    Hi, this is the beeesssst masterJob! With this tablet you can do endless things, administration, gangs, races, ems, police, security cameras, personal data, letters, criminal codes, business panels, taxi drivers, bank etc.. Lots of things
  6. Sachsengamer87

    Guide QB-Core FiveM Server erstellen

    Hallo falls mich noch keiner Kennt ich erstelle derzeit einen Eigenen QB-Core Server und Zeige via Youtube diese Schritte. - Es gibt da auch das meiste zum Download ( Fertige Scripte ) wer Lust hat kann gerne vorbei schauen! YOUTUBE KANAL...
  7. poyraz1

    Script vC-realisticWeaponDrop - Drop The Weapon You Are Holding

    Realistic Weapon Drop This script utilises pickups to create pickups of guns the person is holding when he dies. It saves the exact info so the players who picks the weapon up will get the exact same gun. There are 2 stages, first you can see the pickup text and gun model, only when you get...
  8. poyraz1

    Script vC-vote Nopixel Inspired Voting Script

    Nopixel Most Updated Voting Script, Used In The Nopixel Elections in June 2022. Made By vCode Scripts. Example And Github Below Video Github Discord If Help Is Needed
  9. viridcupid50

    Advertisement Experience RP [New City serious roleplay live now]

    Experience RP (fivem PC) is new and live!! we are a serious rp server that runs on the qb-core framework the city runs smooth and stable with a good economy system custom cars with almost realistic speeds you wont have cars going super speed around the city all the time. experience rp has a lot...
  10. killerbiene

    Script QB-radio Nopixel Inspired Radio (v2) for qb-core

    Here I get the QB-Radio [Nopixel Inspired V2] I haven't tested it. So please don't freak out if it doesn't work have a nice Day ;) *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ****** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view...
  11. Advertisement 🚀 Boston's World | Serious RP 🎃

    Welcome to the beginning of a epic story set in the heart of Boston’s World where you start out with $10,000 and a dream to be a millionaire by any means necessary! You need to make that money! Get on your grind legally or illegally, whether you want to roleplay as a hardened criminal looking...
  12. Anonymouse

    Script Qb-Core | Qb-Banking Reskinned 2022

    Disclaimer for the mods, I did not know if it should be in scripts or in Graphics, Because its mostly based on scripts, Let me know! Easy to install Step 1, Make sure you have the "Re-Skin Qb-Banking" Unzipped and having 2 files with "Originals" And "Re-Skinned" Step 2, Locate to...

    Merhabalar, öncelikle paket qb-Core olarak geçiyor ve güncel sürüm bir paket 128 kişiyi rahatlıkla gecmiş ve test edilmiştir. Kullananlar: OBLine RP - Gariban RP - Raconsal RP tarafından, daha önce test edilmiştir. Öncelikle lisans dosyası; tüm lisanslar kırılmıştır, paket konusun da problem...
  14. Anonymouse

    Script QB-Core Cocain Truck, Steal some get some! Driving arround!

    Wat is this script ? You drive a truck and steal some cocain after you delivered it from the back. https://github.com/AitLilCat-Script/QB-Cocaintruck
  15. hoangducdt

    Script [Big Update]MojiaGarages - Best advanced garages for QB-Core Framework

    Features(All in one): Park and taken out the vehicle as long as it's in the garage area When the vehicle is taken out, it will appear at the nearest parking line Depot system Impound system Separate parking system for each gang Vehicle for Work system(Planes, cars, boats...) In the Vehicle for...
  16. dilza_core

    Script [QBUS] Core Crafting v 1.1 redesign by Dilza Core

    core-crafting redesign by Dilza Core this scripts only works for qb-core preview: img: download free: click here
  17. ALEN TL

    Script Extended Dealership Simulator

    Preview: Link: *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** This is for qbus. If anyone is generous of making it to esx, then please do it and share with everyone. This is uploaded in anonfiles. So I think there will the exe issue...
  18. MaxHero

    Question QBUS SQL database Players data dublicates problem.....

    SQL players data is constantly writing and duplicating the same person. This resets money- last position and other information every time the game is entered. how can i solve ? Last version sv base : Qbus Local host test server i dont have any error logs on server cmd and F8 console...

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