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qbcore framework

  1. Sales FiveM NoPixel 2.0 Inspired server files[ierp]

    sale for 15 euros Interested pm AlluerDuke#4081
  2. larsson1988

    Script language

    how to end language qbcore framework
  3. badbristol


    SJRP server full leaked. Bangladeshi noob so called server owner GreenGhost aka Yasin steal this server from ⚜【𝔎𝔦𝔫𝔤ℌ𝔲𝔫𝔱𝔢𝔯】⚜ and then he change the core name khfw to ggfw. lol noobshit GG. greenghost aka yasin doesn't even know how to create polyzone how to create RegisterNetEvent lol... We...
  4. Phone New S4 Phone Esx & Qbus version

    PHONE FEATURES AND DIFFERENCES FROM THE OLD VERSION; All Applications' Designs Have Been Changed. (Whatsapp, Yellow Pages, Twitter etc.) Added Video and Audio Sending via Whatsapp. The calendar app now looks like a reminder. Frame flip feature. App icons appearance features are added...
  5. Zan1456

    Off Topic ESX or QBus?

    ESX or QBus? Favorite framework
  6. midz18


    Works on latest qbus version. This hud only shows what is nessesary at the time keeping your screen clean and clear from visual apperances. For example if you are hungry the hunger stats will only show then etc. This is from qbus v5. https://mega.nz/folder/iShGTBaJ#bsIomdQozvWOoAVJnWBaPA
  7. midz18

    Script [QBUS] CORE DRUGS

    Works with the latest version of qbus https://mega.nz/folder/zCRUnJhS#dapIFYp1oCgre4BUO7Euvw
  8. midz18


    Works with the latest qbus version. https://mega.nz/folder/CO5VTI4D#IHruozsywvRUpFYOUPy8DA
  9. Dronext

    Script Qbcore qb-phone works perfect the actually new version of qb-phone for saltychat

    The actually new version of the QBcore qb-phone edit by me and works perfect. https://workupload.com/file/Xfp4XNGvGdL

  11. DJPanda

    Advertisement Dark Lane Role play | “Community Driven Gaming” | Realistic | OPEN BETA | Hiring ALL Positions

    WELCOME TO DARK LANE ROLE PLAY How do I join DLRP? to be honest it’s quite easy! - Go to our Discord Invite link 5 and come be one with the family. We are currently accepting OPEN BETA Members (We will be having the server open to the public until we reach our beta milestones then upon full...
  12. Sachsengamer87

    Question Hat jemand Erfahrungen mit Qbus und Saltychat?

    Hallo an alle Mitglieder! Ich nutze derzeit das Qbus Framework von Zaphosting! Leider habe ich Probleme das Phone und Radio und allgemein alles über Saltychat laufen zu lassen! Hat da jemand Erfahrungen? Würde auch dafür bezahlen ( Nur wenn es Funktioniert ) Vielleicht gibt es ja noch mehr...
  13. Respown

    Fivem announcement QBCore Framework

    At long last and many discussions later, we made it! It is with extreme pleasure and excitement to be able to share this work with you! The framework previously known as “qbus” has been revamped, updated and continuously maintained in the form of what is now known as “QBCore”! What does this...

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