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  1. Quattro

    Script Lion-Companions(QBCore)

    Pet Companion script for QBCore, Use an item to create a specific animal and have it follow you. Use the item again to despawn the animal. Pressing "E" makes the animal follow you Installation Create the necessary items in your shared.lua Add the resource to your FiveM server and start it :)...
  2. fefimex176

    Script [QBCore] Show ID Card

    VT: Download: Preview: Framework: QBus or New QBCore
  3. Persephone

    Script Qbus | Explosive Mining

    Dear vag forum members, today I am sharing something you may like. Redesigned the native QBUS Mining to something different. Now it involves use of Explosives, and Jackhammer to break rocks. Its different from all other out in the place, and is completely free to use. Replaced native...
  4. Ares

    Script QB Dıvıng ESX

    QB Dıvıng ESX PREVIEW Virüs Total Download
  5. MaxHero

    Question QBUS qb-inventory weapon problems

    QBUS framework server when i bough weapon markets its System notify me "Didn't find a weapon quality??", and I can't take it my hand .. detailed pictures are attached in use when using admin menu and spawn with code same gun its works well same gun code. Start.bat does not give an...
  6. Quattro

    Script Windsor Store-target

    About: The eye system inspired by NoPixel 3.0 , Reprogram of Demons system to better optizme fro qbus by the WS Dev team. Script Preview, Download V.T
  7. Quattro

    Script QBus Circle Type Hud

    QBus Circle Type Hud XPFramework Hud Preview .rar.html']Download(No Pass) V.T
  8. ayex

    Request Need help with connecting core hud to hunger and thirst on qbus core.

    sup, I installed the core hud to my qbus server and need some help with connecting the hunger and thirst things. Spent some time trying to figure it out but my dumbass still doesn't know-how and for anyone asking yes i know this was made for esx. RepentzFW is the rename of qbus core, i...
  9. Persephone

    Script FXBanking

    ✌️Hello VAG Forum Family✌️ Today I am sharing a bank script that opens without any problems that you will use with pleasure. An advanced banking system. Manage your personal bank with FXBanking. Description: Unique and beautiful UI design. Withdrawl, Deposits, and more cool stuff...
  10. Persephone

    Script qb-hud-redux

    ✌️Hello VAG Forum Family ✌️ Today I am sharing a new script with you. I hope it will be useful. Features • Health, Armor, Bleeding, Lungs, Stamina, Voice (Activity+Distance, compatible with PMA-Voice and rp-radio/qb-radio) • Current time, money on your person, current ID, current street name...
  11. Quattro

    Script Qb Speed Cameras(New)

    Basic speedcameras that i made out of esx-speedcameras only replace the NVCore with QBCore Download V.T
  12. Quattro

    Script Qb Police Garage

    Policegarage script for qbus that requires police officers to purchase a vehicle. This vehicle is then added to their garage and they can park it anywhere like a normal vehicle. Preview Download V.T
  13. Persephone

    Script qbus-Billboard

    ✌️Hello VAG Forum Family✌️ With this script, players can post ads at the motel. Each person has the right to post 3 ads at the same time. The ad is deleted 24 hours after it is posted. You need a cron script for the deletion function to work. 📥 download ✔️VT Known issues It doesn't...
  14. Persephone

    Script Lucid-gps qbus

    ✌️Hello VAG Forum Family✌️ You know, server style gps system saves it as metadata after you install the gps in your vehicle, then when you use it again, it shows the location if the vehicle is outside. It only works in onesync and onesync infinity...
  15. Persephone

    Script Laot-Apartmens , m3_motel qb-inventory version

    ✌️Hello VAG Forum Family✌️ I translated Laot-apartmentsi for qb-inventory long ago, but now I will share all scripts related to qb-inventory as qb-inventory to esx is le**** M3_motel 📥Download ✔️virustotal credit:whit3 Loat_Apartments ✔️virustotal
  16. Persephone

    Script qb to esx Daily Limited Seller

    ✌️Hello VAG Forum Family✌️ Today, I will share with you a script that will make those who love to farm in the game smile You can set the products you want to be sold in config.lua 📥Download: download ✔️VT: virustotal...
  17. Ares

    Inventory QB-Inventory ESX CSS

    Hello Vag Forum Members Today I Will Share The Css Of The Qb To Esx Inventory According To My Research It Has Not Been Shared Here Before For Your Benefit. The Css Image Has A Pleasant Appearance I Hope You Like It I Don't Put Vt Because It's Github Link Good Forums GitHub Download
  18. Ares

    Script Qb to Esx Clothing

    Hello Vag Forum Members, I Made This Post At The Request Of A Friend I Hope You Like It Download Virüs Total Qbus Clothing Esx version
  19. K

    Advertisement Los Santos Life RP // Applications open for LEO's&EMS//legal&illegal jobs//custom interiors etc

    Los Santos Life is a qbus, custom EU/NA Server run by mature adults with lots of Role Play experience. We are a serious role play public server who opened on Tuesday 13th July 2021 to the public. We need Police and EMS and have a wide range of non-whitelist jobs with illegal jobs like robberies...
  20. Quattro

    Job QbCore Misc Jobs

    2 Legal QB professions for you! Download VT