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  1. ARaros

    RDR2 Bounties Expansion - Replayable Bounties

    Hello VAG World, Installation: Download and install AB's ScripthookRDR2 Remove previous versions of the mod, if you have any installed. Copy BountiesExpansion.asi and BountiesExpansion.dat to the game's main installation folder. IMPORTANT: You need to have your Red Dead Redemption 2 main...
  2. ARaros

    RDR2 Campfire Weapon Locker

    Hello VAG World, Image 1 A real simple scripts which allows you to access the Weapon Locker via campfire. Installation: – Download and install AB’s Scripthook RDR2 – Download and install LMS asi loader[1] LMS asi loader[2] – Copy *CampfireWeaponLocker.asi* to the game’s root folder. How to...
  3. Castillo

    RDR2 RedEM:RP Status

    RedEM:RP Status Version: 1.0.0 GitHub: GitHub - RedEM-RP/redemrp_status: A status, basic needs system for RedEM:RP Framework 175 Documentation: RedEM & RedEM:RP | Kane's Documentation 29 Description RedEM: RP Status is a resource for RedM which adds a hunger, thirst and other needs system to...
  4. Castillo

    RDR2 rdx_crypto_butcher

    Butcher table locations made to sell pelts/carcasses with redm_extended framework. When holding a pelt or a carcass at a butcher location, recieve a native prompt to sell the item to the butcher. Installation Clone this repository. Extract the zip. Import SQL items table Put rdx_butcher to...
  5. SQueen


    Github - DOWNLOAD
  6. Castillo


    I did not share it because there are links in Github that need to be uploaded. DOWNLOAD
  7. Castillo

    RDR2 REDM | Horse interactions

    Github - [DOWNLOAD]
  8. Castillo

    RDR2 RDR2 - Server pack

  9. Castillo

    Car Vanilla Edit Polis Pack

    [Video Preview] [Resource Download] Fivem vanilla edit polis pack