1. Bastiiiii

    Sales [REDM] Selling keymaster resources

    hey I would like to sell a few keymasters, would also sell individually Hallo ich würde gerne ein paar Keymasters verkaufen, würde auch einzeln verkaufen, Gummik_USKL Gum_stables BulgaR Bulgar_prison_vorp BulgaR Gum_stables SirecStudio SS-Admin Synthetic_Blue Syn weapons V2 Would sell...
  2. esFerDev

    PAID Mining System

    Mining System DEVELOPED BY ESFERDEV [Showcase Video] A cheap script where players can mine in the caves of the map in a persuasive and entertaining way. Features: · Interactive and fun mini-game based on the RUST system. · Four caves already set up and ready to use. · Stores are included...
  3. Kolla

    Discord Kolla RedM Trade Center

    Kolla RedM Trade Center What do we offer? ●🐎・ Exclusive RedM Scripts & Maps ●🤝・ Trades ●🎁・ Giveaways Discord: Pridruži se Discord serveru Kolla Trading Centre! @everyone @here
  4. ozzy

    Advertisement Wild Riders RP - RedM | Gangs - Housing - Moonshine - Saloons - Player Ran Shops

    **Wild Riders RP** is a RedM RP is a server that that knows how to have fun and let's players push rp to the limits. A few things about us: - Our main goal for creating this community is to provide a place where people can feel welcomed and not feel like just another number in a large...
  5. Quantum Quake


    # QQ-MPAUSE # QUANTUM QUAKE STUDIOS [PREVIEW] We are here with a useful and fast pause menu where you can see many details. We took care to ensure that its design was compatible with the in-game content. You can access information about your character from the menu. If you wish, you can...
  6. Quantum Quake


    # QQ-IDCARD V2 # QUANTUM QUAKE STUDIOS [PREVIEW] --SCRIPT DESCRIPTION-- When you arrive at the registeration office, you can create your identity card, update your information such as height and place of birth, update your identity photo with any photo url that you want for your identity...
  7. esFerDev

    Script Property System - HeavyRP Style

    Property System - HeavyRP Style HEAVYRP STYLE. DEVELOPED BY ESFERDEV [Preview Video] [Showcase Video] A cheap script where you can interact with properties. Features: · Admin menu to create, edit, delete properties... · Property menu to customize. · More than 130 properties. · More than...
  8. xannydraco

    PAID RedM Mod Menu For Sale

    Join my discord: Join the RedM Cheats vKings Discord Server! or checkout my website
  9. Scar05

    PAID [QBCore] Carrier Robbery (Fivem)

    The first aircraft carrier robbery script is here! Showcase Tebex: 15 GBP Discord Dependencies: QBCore Voltlab Minigame Features: Detailed and easy config. (Change required items, reward items, reward money, heist cooldown, heist start and finish coords etc.) Including police alert Custom...

    Offical Site: *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  11. cupidon122

    PAID [PAID] EMERALD RANCH - Obstacle Horses / RedEM:RP]

    [FR] Parcours d'obstacles conçus chevaux spécialement pour les server redm [install] Envoyer le Dossier dans /resources après modifier votre fichier server.cfg ajouté la ligneassure Bill_Emerald_Ranch [EN] Obstacle course specially horses designed for redm servers [install] Send the Folder in...
  12. PAID [PAID] DL ADVANCEDBILLING - Create Private and Job Bills [VORP]

    Howdy folks, im proud to present to you my new Advanced Billing System. This System allows you to create private and Job Bills. Get it here: Showcase Video: Feature List | Detailed user...
  13. PAID [PAID] DL SOCIETY - Advanced Job / Company System [VORP / RedEM:RP]

    Howdy folks, im proud to present to you my new Society System. This System allows you to create and manage Jobs / Companys. There will be free and paid extensions for this System in the Future. Get it here: 32 Showcase Video: Checkout my...
  14. kharan

    PAID [PAID] [YMAP] Saint Denis private club

    VIDEO PREVIEW IMAGE GALLERY Features: A small private club located in an alley of Saint Denis It has a large living room two bedrooms office and a torture room It is ideal for any mafia business JOIN MY DISCORD BUY ON TEBEX
  15. kharan

    PAID [PAID] [YMAP] Valentine Church

    VIDEO PREVIEW IMAGE GALLERY Features: Interior of Valentine's church. It has 2 floors. On the ground floor there is the area for mass and wakes, and a small office On the upper floor there is a space for talks or a school. Underground, there is a small shed with a cell. JOIN MY DISCORD...
  16. kharan

    PAID [PAID] [YMAP] Little restaurant in Valentine

    Features: A small restaurant located on the main street of Valentine, in front of the stables. small room with tables Small kitchen VIDEO PREVIEW IMAGE GALLERY Join my Discord! PURCHASE ON TEBEX!
  17. kharan

    PAID [PAID] [YMAP] Little ranch in The heartlands

    Features: A small ranch located in the center of the heartlands. It consists of a small stable and a chicken pen. In the house there is a small living room and a room. Outside there is a large water tower from which to enjoy the views VIDEO PREVIEW IMAGE GALLERY Join my Discord. PURCHASE ON...
  18. PulseRedM

    Advertisement Pulse Roleplay 1880 - Heavy Text Based RP - Looking for Staff

    Hello! Pulse-Gaming are opening our new RedM Server, we've spent the past two months on development and the script is finished, we're just tweaking some last features. We're looking for staff that have experience with text-based roleplay, doesn't matter the game. If you're interested, contact me...
  19. Request Templates for REDM servers

    Hello everyone! Please tell me if there are templates for REDM servers, for example, like a QBcore and ESX for FiveM?
  20. Nelziii


    deleted My Discord