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  1. Castillo

    [Function] Sell Wild Horse

    Sell Wild Horse Function [RedEMRP] Script checks for last broken wild horse, and the player can sell it via the function. Check the commented lines, it has redemrp compatible reward and alert system already. zelbeus/sell_wild_horse Sell the latest broken horse. Contribute to...
  2. Castillo

    RDR2 RicX Dances

    RicX Dances With this script, server owners can give an option to dance for their players. Players can dance any time and can change between dance types and styles. RDR2 RedM Scripts - RicX Dances 1. Features Easy to config Low CPU usage 2. How to Install Put ricx_dances into...
  3. Castillo

    RDR2 VORP weaponsv2

    This is a weapons shop/management script made for vorp. Redm Weapons Script Vorp_weaponsv2 weapons shop weapons crafting with job locks weapons customization weapons are easy to add on the server and lock specific weapons to specific jobs etc GitHub VORPCORE/vorp_weaponsv2 33...
  4. Castillo

    RDR2 Faroeste Roleplay Server - RedM

    Faroeste Roleplay Server 1.0v This is the source code for Faroeste Roleplay when it’s 1.0 version was released We’re not sure if everything is working as should, as we’ve abandoned it some time ago, still, it’s pretty advanced and has some unique features to it. We figured out it’d be better...
  5. ARaros

    RDR2 Moonshine Job

    Hey guys, I share the moonshine profession of the RDR2 game with you. I hope you like it. I wish you good forums... REDEM:RP Version: Download Link VORP Version: Download Link Installation: unzip and add “moonshine_job” to your resouces folder add the start commands to your server.cfg ...
  6. Ares


    REDM SAFE ZONE SCRIPT Download Virüs Total
  7. Castillo

    [RedEM:RP] Progressbars

    RedEM: Roleplay RedEM:RP Progressbars Version: 1.0.0 GitHub: GitHub - RedEM-RP/redemrp_progressbars: A progressbars for RedEM:RP Framework Documentation: RedEM & RedEM:RP | Kane's Documentation Description RedEM: RP Progressbars is a resource for RedM which adds a progress bars to your...
  8. SQueen


    Github - DOWNLOAD
  9. Castillo


    I did not share it because there are links in Github that need to be uploaded. DOWNLOAD
  10. Castillo

    RDR2 REDM | Horse interactions

    Github - [DOWNLOAD]
  11. Castillo

    RDR2 RDR2 - Server pack