1. Imhasbullaramsey

    PAID FiveM Mlo Package for sale

    Selling a rare folder with 20 exclusive mlos . All previews under here prices is 30€ message imsmky on discord for more information or purchase (very very rare) And more..
  2. Sales Selling FiveM Scripts

    Hello, shut down my city a few months ago and looking to sell my scripts, according to the tebex payment history I got about 535$ in scripts and MLO's but I wanna help someone out and will only take 100$ for the whole list. Message me for details or questions.
  3. PAID [MLO] Artex mrpd 20% discount

    Hello, I am selling this mrpd mlo . The price is 20% down. Contact me in discord if you are interested username : mgeed
  4. ServerFile [Sale]OnyxRP

    The latest version of the Onyx RP game mod is on sale. The project had a stable online population of 500-600 people on only one of the servers until the recent events with its closure. Works: 1. truck driver. 2. Farmer's work (oranges, grass picking). 3. Taxi. 4. Apartment renovation. 5...
  5. Sales Selling keymaster scripts

    quasarstore Smartphone 0Resmondev - 0r-hudv2 OS 0Resmondev - 0r-chat OS 0Resmondev - 2na-loadingscreen OS 0Resmondev - 2na-lockpick OS 0Resmondev - clothingv2piskan 0Resmondev - vipv2qb 0Resmondev - housev2-qb 0Resmondev - wais-battlepass-qb 0Resmondev - wais-hudv3-qb okokokok - okokNotify...

    Selling Keymaster Scripts at an affordable price. I'm dedicating full hours to my business and don't have the time to use these scripts. Feel free to direct message me for additional information. Discord: mrcleanword
  7. decoupey

    Sales Sellings keymaster assets

    Hi All, I'm quitting FiveM and FiveM development. I want to sell the scripts from my keymaster with a 50% discount. Here's a list of all te scripts that are for sale: Sold? Creator Script Open Source? Framework Link Original Price Ask Price -50% No LumioStudio LumioStudio - Electric...
  8. Winston_Hub

    PAID [vRP/ESX] Fireworks System

    Preview: *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** Download: *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  9. Trojen


    Hi! It is at the forefront of the map issue Maps that are not used on most servers in the world have been used. New fields mean new roles. The package is NEW QBCORE . There are completely up-to-date scripts in it. They are all optimized. You can watch videos from this channel...
  10. somebody12

    Sales Killa's Server Websites | 100% Customized ✔ Excellent Service ✔ Cheap Prices ✔

    Discord: Killa#0140 Delivery time: Individually agreed.
  11. PAID [QBCORE] Selling escrow scripts, 50% off. [Incl. Playlolly Tesla, Quasar Housing/Core MDW]

    Scripts and prices are included below: Scripts Created By Name Available Orig Price Selling for: adzeepulse QBCore AP COURT YES $50.00 $25.00 CaseIRL [BOII-DRUGSALES] YES $12.00 $6.00 DeivisMac2 Core MDW QB YES $42.00 $21.00 DeivisMac2 Core Evidence V2 QB YES $23.00 $11.50...
  12. gorann910

    PAID Full FiveM server made on ESX and OX base, by XYZ Scripts

    Summary: This is a roleplay server, made according to an "XYZ" design. ESX & OX is used as the main base, the server is plug and play, you also get the entire database as well as server.cfg. It is up to you to change the economy of the server, according to how it suits you. Customizability...
  13. WilersYT

    PAID Liberty City Police Station
  14. doolindalton3

    PAID PAID - UncleJust Mexican Cafe, Mojito Inn, and Army v1

    I will sell these maps for $120 all together or $50 for the Cafe, $100 for the Mojito Inn, and $15 for the Army V1. Message me at doolindalton3#2077 on Discord if you're interested.
  15. nkowashere

    PAID [FOR REP] nko-simple | QBCore | 0.9-1.15 Resmon | Roleplay Server File

    Greetings to all, I am selling my current QBCore infrastructure package, which I have been playing and editing for about 1-1.5 months. The package price is 40€ I think the price is sufficient according to its features, when I look at the market, packages with worse features and old...
  16. Hondo


  17. Trojen

    PAID %50 discount NW-WORKS V1.0 PREMIUM

    Trojen#0147 Contact to buy Trojen#0147
  18. Mastergod666

    PAID 24k Custom Clothes pack (Skin - Eyes - Makeup - Masks - Accessories etc)

    I sell my custom made clothing pack with 24000 items (i've made it for my fivem rp server and i thought it's a shame to keep it only for my little server) -Eup -Hairs -Eyes -HIGH QUALITY Clothes for female and male (not the blurred ones or with terrible textures) -Nails -Tattoos (you can find...
  19. Uniek Development

    PAID [ESX] Uniek-Drivingschool | Custom Drivingschool Script for FiveM ESX Framework

    Uniek-Drivingschool [PREVIEW] Link Discord [DESCRIPTION] This product is a drivingschool script for FiveM ESX Framework, User-Friendly and works with ESX_License Easy Customizable Config and Notify System (You can use your own notify) Questions, Answers and Images are Customizable IDLE...
  20. QBUS Most Optimized QBUS Custom Framework SERVER - QBCORE V5

    Hey, I'm selling the best server for cheap prices QBCORE / NOPIXEL BASED There are broken leaks etc... But I purchased It for 150$ but the owner Is a total shit I spent 2 weeks fixing the scripts! Preview: I'll offer Installation / Bug fixes / Updates 1 Month of full support! For just 75$...