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  1. Wnirone

    Script GROS LEAK PACK RARES + 250€

    Alcatraz : https://www.clictune.com/igk8 Script Banque poisson leopard : https://www.clictune.com/igkf Gabz hub : ici : https://www.clictune.com/igkP Forum Drive : ici : https://www.clictune.com/igkQ Motel : ici : https://www.clictune.com/igkY Icebox : ici : https://www.clictune.com/igl6...
  2. permaperno

    Script Electrician Script FiveM

  3. C007


    We are making a GIVEAWAY where you can win dump files from the server as you wish. SCRIPT + STRIMING FILE'S https://discord.gg/PEcQ9sf7p8
  4. Script Construction Container ymap

    What does the script do? (ymap) It will create a open space in construction containers, and they have tables, chairs, and book shelfs. https://github.com/Error1-3-3-7/container-ymap/tree/main...
  5. Sykeee

    Be A Developer FiveM Developer | Scripts, Full Servers, Optimisation & MoreExperienced and highly skilled developer

    Hi , We Are A Team of FiveM Developer Known As RMD- Royal Mallu Developers With An Overall Experience Of 3 Years ! , We Can Develop Any Kind Of Optimized ESX Server's For You're Needs , We Will Optimize And Stable You're Server Up To Its Best. [PAID] Our Services Includes: 1. We will Make a...
  6. thenayamour

    Script Motel/Hotel Scripts compatible with Ox Inventory?

    Does anyone know a working motel/hotel script that is compatible with OX Inventory for ESX Legacy.
  7. NikolaSavic


    Fivem weapons pack! Includes weapon parts collecting and weapon crafting with UI! https://geri-scripts.tebex.io/package/5122818 BUY IT HERE
  8. Script Radio Car FlashBack

    Script for choose your music in car with T "/carradio"
  9. Maus

    Script st_farming [Farming Script] | German Script

    Farming Script -German -Performance -Config -not Obfuscated Dependencies • es_extended 1.1 / 1.2
  10. Request Anti DDoS

    Did someone have anti DDoS script ???
  11. Celly Irez

    Request {Tornado Script) anyone has this tornado script but the latest version paid?

    made by Rhys19? that would be amazing thank you. if someone has the latest paid download link please send that over that would be amazing! this is his patreon: Tornado Script is creating a FiveM Script | Patreon
  12. ARaros

    Script crosshair_built_in

    Description Do you have a RP or Aim Training server and your players don’t know how to install a crosshair? perfect, this resource is for you. In fact what it does is to implement a crosshair directly with the NUI, the script also contains a menu for crosshair configuration with the ability to...
  13. ARaros

    Script [Library] Utility

    Hello VAG World, Installation Clone or download the resource from here and simply start it, nothing else Documentation The documentation of the Utility can be founded here. Snippets The Utility also offers snippets to help you learn as soon as possible and to speed up the use of the...
  14. ARaros

    Vehicles 2020 Mercedes Benz GLE 53 Coupe [Add-On / Replace]

    Hello VAG World, Features : - high quality model - comes with los santos license plate style - working lights and digital dials - tuning parts available[engine,windows,etc] - hands on steeringwheel - steeringwheel turnable - lights don't tint - Analog/Digital dials - Ambient Lights...
  15. ARaros

    Vehicles 2017 Nissan GT-R R35[Addon|Tuning|Template]

    Features: → Detailed models with complete doorsils and engine → Fully working:headlights, taillights,brakelights, reverselights → Fully working:steering wheel,, brakepads, digital speedo, → Fast & Controllable handling → template for making your own paintjob → GTA 5 plate → Tuning BUGS: IF...
  16. ARaros

    HUD EDRPV3 Car HUD |

    Hello everyone, VAG Users, I will share with you the vehicle border of a very popular server. By hud does not work by itself. Add it to your own vehicle border. I wish you a good use... Credit:Almez Preview: *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the...
  17. ARaros

    Job [ESX]Tuna’s Truck Job

    Thank’s for checking out my latest release ! I hope you enjoy PREVIEW DOWNLOAD -----------------------------------------------------REQUIREMENTS----------------------------------------------------- 1.) ESX (No job required) 2.)progressbar TO GET STARTED → 1.) Simply upload TunasTruckJob to...
  18. ARaros

    Script renzu_contextmenu - Simple UI with GUI Sound | Event/Export Firing Menu

    FIVEM - CONTEXTMENU NUI. Targeting or Other Interaction Purpose FEATURE Multiple Submenu Easy Implementation Clean UI GUI Sounds (optional) Whitelisted Events (optional) Easy to integrated to Any Target Script Trigger Export Trigger Client or Server Pass Any Arguments as optional to the...
  19. ARaros

    Script Supreme_Aircon

    This script allows players to search any aircon in the game to acquire items that they find. This is easily modified and can have the potential to be a good script Actions Search any aircon in the city There’s a chance you won’t find anything ( notification to be added for this ) Aircons have...
  20. ARaros

    Stream Very Long Hair for MP Female

    Hello VAG World, About the hair The hair is optimized in every possible away, has all 3 LODs, it has no defects like clipping, texture problems and the movement is smooth. It’s adjusted to Head #45. Hair converted from TS4 CC. If you have any questions, suggestions contact me via message, or...

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