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  1. PAID Custom scripts / IP Lock / Cheap scripts / Free resources and free support

    WWRP Scripts We are offering some free and cheap scripts for your ESX FiveM server. -Custom On/Off Duty script -Custom Loading screen for free -Free custom shop with Ped/NPC animation. 0.00ms -Frisk script for LSPD - with nice animation. Optimized. -IP Lock will be released soon - with...
  2. Request I am looking for inventory quasar

  3. Anticheat FIREAC Anticheat

    Requirements: menuv discord-screenshot Features: Client Side Protecet : Anti Track Player's Anti Health Hack Anti Armor Hack Anti Infinity Ammo Anti Spactate Anti Ragdoll Anti Menyoo Anti Aim Assist Anti Infinite Stamina Anti Aim Bot Anti Spactate Anti Black List Weapon Anti Add Weapon Anti...
  4. Script Inside Shop Robbery

  5. Request Police MDT ESX

    Hat jemand das Police MDT für mich? Wäre echt nice
  6. Sales [PAID] Custom scripts and IP Lock

    Hi, we are offering some nice scripts for your server and IP Lock for your resources. IP Lock: -Fast delivery -Cheap price -Reseller Program -Nice protection against leakers -Active support -3 test days for free - Home Our resources: -On/Off duty with UI (Webhooks, configurable animations...
  7. baiter1337

    Script QB ONLY NOT ESX.

    Alright yester day i reworked the okokBilling you guys seem to liked it and showed love and im in a good mood. Choose one script of okok you wanna see that works perfect on QBCORE, KEEP IN MIND IM ONLY DOING THE NEWEST VERSION OF QBCORE I SEE NO REASON FOR IT TO WORK ON OLD VERSION.* Here is...
  8. MODS Qbus Player-owned stores

    Hello im looking for a script that allows players to buy the stores/fuel stations around the map and run them as a business, its Qbus files that I need, thanks
  9. kullmap95

    Request caruby audition

    i am looking for this script anyone have it
  10. Script Weather Script menu

  11. Script Inside Shop Robbery

    Preview : https://inside-scripts.tebex.io/package/4562333 Download
  12. Job [ESX] Apple Store Job + Mapping

    Very well optimized Roleplay job + mapping Download
  13. Phone New S4 Phone Esx & Qbus version

    PHONE FEATURES AND DIFFERENCES FROM THE OLD VERSION; All Applications' Designs Have Been Changed. (Whatsapp, Yellow Pages, Twitter etc.) Added Video and Audio Sending via Whatsapp. The calendar app now looks like a reminder. Frame flip feature. App icons appearance features are added...
  14. Request Gta5 Roleplay: Warehouse Business Pack

    Hello, I am looking for this script. Does anyone have it?
  15. codedfxx

    Request DNZ Scripts

    Hey there i could provide files for dnz_ffa, dnz_callhelp, dnz_frakgarage, dnz_fraklager and dnz_playerstoreage. If someone is willing to crack those i can share files via dm. They have the scripts obfuscated and also ip lock
  16. guguck

    Script myCharcreator

    this is the mycharcreator script there is no support for this https://link-hub.net/391168/mycharcreator
  17. guguck

    Request need myFarming / myJobsystem script

    does somebody have this script? https://forum.cfx.re/t/esx-eng-de-myjobsystem-with-delivery-missions-experience-system-and-manufacture-paid/2035832 and if u have the myLockers script too https://forum.cfx.re/t/mylockers-locker-system-with-keycard-and-password-perfect-for-roleplay/4772353/1 i...
  18. rakhan

    Question Convert Script ESX to VRPEX

    Does anyone have a tutorial to convert ESX scripts to VRP? please!
  19. Sykeee

    Script OKOK Scripts Pack [ESX]

    This pack include all the okok files except the okok vehicleshop which was released yesterday. Virus Total Download Enjoy!
  20. viktorwrld

    Request [request] Airplane Title Sequence.I need this script.


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