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serious roleplay

  1. LondonStrapRP

    Advertisement Capri Roleplay!

    **BRAND NEW** *Server based in the UK!* *Looking for staff and new members.* **General Information** *There are many pathways you can take within CRP, for instance: A Business Man [you can create your own custom business and pitch to the server owner to be imported to the city!], A Gang...
  2. Advertisement ===============THE SANCTUARY================= The journey has been long and hard, but you have finally arrived at The Sanctuary.

    The journey has been long and hard, but you have finally arrived at The Sanctuary. A city rich with business opportunities and lifestyle desires. Whether you plan to make it the legal way or take your shot at ruling the streets The Sanctuary awaits…. The city is filled with activities, jobs...
  3. Advertisement Unhinged RP

    Fresh City on a highly customized QBCore framework! Serious RP, 18+ only (not 100% strict on that, but be mature). Multiple jobs, crim activities, civilian activities, custom clothing and cars, great people in the server! We hope to see you around
  4. Dakrlz

    Advertisement Superior Life Gaming RP

    Join the Superior Life Gaming Discord Server! Come join us on Superior Life Gaming on FiveM where you can come and explore whatever you enjoy doing best anywhere from becoming a law enforcement officer to becoming a pizza delivery boy we are currently looking for people to join as Civilians Law...
  5. PremiereGamingRP

    Advertisement Premiere Gaming Roleplay | Beta Stage | Hiring SAFD, SACD & LSPD Department Heads | Whitelisted | LEO/Military Members | Paid/Custom Assets | Custom E

    Are you tired of the servers ran by children (maturity isn’t defined by age) or communities who only put their ideas into the server! Where anyone can be a cop. We are a young whitelisted roleplay server with tons of experience. We are open to any and all ideas that are suggested. We do not...
  6. NumberSix

    Advertisement Collide Roleplay / Serious RP

    Join the Collide RP server Vehicles 200+ Custom LEO/CIV Vehicles Donator Vehicles Gameplay Two Departments + Sub divisions Custom Heists LEO/CIV Toolbox Custom Buildings Custom EUP Economy Based Discord Fully custom discord Active members Discord Giveaways Server Suggestions Daily Updates...
  7. SamRuddell

    Advertisement Project Unknown Roleplay

    **Project Unknown Roleplay** INFORMATION • Discord: Join the Project Unknown Roleplay Discord Server! WHAT DO WE OFFER? • 24/7 Active Staff • Custom Cars • Friendly Staff & Owners • Serious RP • Non ELS vehicles • Server is up 24/7 • Whitelisted Law Enforcement • Sonoran CAD • Custom...

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