1. halittosun38

    PAID [QB-ESX] Tosun Blackmarket

    TOSUN BLACKMARKET https://tosun.tebex.io/package/6213101 https://tosun.tebex.io/package/6213101 Blackmarket Feauteres: You can call the black market with the item you set from Config or by using Trigger black market will always come to you at the closest distance You can set the duration...
  2. GenScripts


    [ESX] [QB] / oxmysql, mysql-async, ghmattimysql Features [+] QB & ESX FRAMEWORK SUPPORTS [+] EN,DE,TR Languahe Supports [+] Character Informatıon [+] Online Player Count [+] Fully Responsize Design [+] Advanced UI Animation [+] Free Scripts :) [+] Discord Support and Customer Role from...
  3. GenScripts

    PAID [PAID] Gen Loading Screen | Customizable Music System and 5 Theme

    [STANDALONE] Features [+] Player can switch Music URL (Permanent) [+] Fully optimized, tested on a 450-player server [+] All Features Configurable [+] All Frameworks Ready [+] Rules, Team, Announce, Information, Social features [+] Purchasing a vehicle with a special license plate [+]...
  4. Tworst

    PAID Multiplayer Gardener Job - Tworst Shop [ESX/QBCORE]

    Script Description The Multiplayer Gardener Script , which is made for Fivem roleplay servers, is a gardener job profession that players can do by chatting with other people by mingling with other people. It is a FiveM script where players can level up and earn more money as they play and earn...
  5. Question unlock cfx vehicle

    Hello i have need to know if it's possible to unlock cfx vehicle.
  6. Perfect_Project

    PAID [QB-Core] Speedy Courier Job

    Preview : Click Me Download : Tebex Features: - Detailed and easy config. (change start location, change deliveries location ). - Easy set up (drag and drop) - Complete synchronisation with other players. - Fully optimized. - 0.02ms - Discord Webhook - Support. - 24/7 Christmas discount...
  7. VyHub

    Advertisement [Free+Paid][ESX][FiveM] Website + Donation Store - VyHub

    VyHub is the comprehensive solution to build, manage, and monetize your FiveM community. VyHub is an all-in-one management platform designed for your gaming community. VyHub offers a webshop, website, donation store, and bans and warnings. Design and manage your FiveM community through VyHub...
  8. Glitchy Choppa

    PAID Drug Addiction Script [QBCore]

    Drug Addiction It’s time to make your server’s gaming experience more thrilling and immersive than ever. With this unique script we offer, you’ll have a real gaming experience. What Do We Offer? Our server provides characters with more dizziness and more severe dizziness due to drug use. With...
  9. nakktrophy

    PAID [PAID] BlackPink MAP Garage Center

    Are You A Fan Of BlackPink And Looking For BlackPink Map For Your Server? Here You Go A Very Beautiful BlackPink Map At Garage Center Many Exclusive Thing On That Map. Youtube Video: Store Link: https://nakk-trophy.tebex.io/category/map
  10. nakktrophy

    PAID [PAID] Barbie Car Limited

    This Package Include 3 Car: Lamboghini Barbie Brabus Barbie Porsche Barbie Full Video On Youtbe: Store Link: https://nakk-trophy.tebex.io/package/5912610
  11. Clarg

    PAID ddd

  12. PAID Suzuki Hayabusa 3

    Suzuki Hayabusa 3 With Custom Sound And Real Handling [Download HERE]
  13. MLO/YMAP NoPixel v3 Tuner Shop

    The tuner shop by Nopixel 3.0 – have fun! Map only. [Download HERE]
  14. PAID Pacific Paradise Resort

    A Brand new summer holiday resort has arrived at Los Santos and wait you and your friends for the best holidays with a lot of partys ,gym, pools, casino, girls, luxury seafood and many many other facilities! INTERIOR FEATURES: - Very well optimized textures and interior - Interior by MLO -...
  15. PAID [ESX] Duty menu + Hint Menu

  16. Advertisement Putting cars for sale on tebex ?

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anybody here uses Tebex to sell certain cars for their cities at all ? I am starting my server up and wanted to put certain cars on to my tebex store for customers to purchase for putting in to the city ? How do I go about doing that, i.e. do I simply download the cars...
  17. Sales Custom scripts + some scripts from keymaster - DM on Discord

    Hi. I have been working on FiveM scripts for 4 years. I would like to offer you some of my scripts. They are cheap, simple, and optimized. Rather, I focus on scripts for government jobs (PD, EMS, BCSO, etc.). But I also have scripts here that can be used by all players. DM me if you don't want...
  18. ZM Development

    Script [PAİD] ZM - Exchange System

    You can check the details from the preview. Youtube Preview * Easy adjustable config * Optimized resmon value * Only works in qbcore. * Simple customizations via config file. * You can add as many convertibles item as you want. * You can add as many rewards as you want. * English...
  19. PAID [PAID] Custom Death Screen

    Custom Death Screen for FiveM. Easy installation and trigger. Preview: Purchase: https://quotus.tebex.io/package/5252872
  20. PAID [PAID] Autowalk Script

    Basic Auto Walk script to improve Roleplay game play. Preview: Purchase: https://quotus.tebex.io/package/5134249