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  1. Nelziii

    Vehicles Nothing

    Just Nothing...
  2. SinaRozero

    Vehicles Rmod Lego Bugatti

    🖼️Images: 📂Download: *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  3. M_Ark

    Request DOT vehicle

    Does anyone have this? Thanks! https://redsaintmods.com/shop/22/2021-dot-pack
  4. C45PER

    Advertisement Voxility RP FiveM Server

    Join the Voxility RP Discord Server! Welcome to Voxility RP! This city has EVERYTHING! SERIOUS RP 30+ Jobs Mulitple Drug locations Missions with cutscenes Heists Rob locals Mining, Fishing, Hunting House Robberies Drones Ability for PD to put lights and sirens on personal vehicles...
  5. Cl4rg

    Sales 2018 Ford Raptor PD

    Bodykits, police parts(MDW - Radar vs.) PD/BCSO/SASP-SAPR/Corrections(with K9 liveries) | PD/BCSO Ghost liveries, add-on sound and extras. Preview: PD Raptor Buy: https://clarg.tebex.io/package/5130613
  6. Nebula1

    PAID British Police Cars Packed by me

    British Police Cars Packed by me els included with xml files for police cars and npas, most cars are from cmg british roleplay perfect for if u need british police cars with working lights willing to trade contact me on discord - neb#4851
  7. Hro Rick

    Sales 18/5/2022 Hashiriya Full Assets Include Vehicle, Maps, Etc

    Discord : Murayama#5230 INTERESTED? DM Discord : Murayama#5230
  8. IQ-MODY

    Request ESX Second Hand Vehicle

    Any one Have this ? : Link Here plz i need
  9. Question Is it possible to turn Replace vehicles into Add-On / FiveM Ready vehicles?

    Is it possible to turn Replace vehicles into Add-On / FiveM Ready vehicles? I often find vehicles that I like but are only offered as a replacement. I would like to convert these into add-on vehicles or FiveM Ready vehicles. Thx D34D3YE
  10. Answered Is it possible to add non FiveM ready Cars (Add-On)?

    Hello together, I´m new to this business. But i wanted to add some Vehicle Add-Ons to my FiveM Server. Now I ask myself the question whether you can only have vehicles on the server that are also specified as FiveM ready, if so, how can you make add-on vehicles FiveM ready? I thank you in...
  11. Onni Uh

    Request I got dumped CodeM CyberHud [ESX] . Can anyone make it proper working resource?

    i dumped codem cyberhud esx as u also know server sided files will be missing and maybe that file is escrow protected. can some please make it a proper working resource and decrypt it here is the resource CodeM-Cyberhud Cfx Link of hud Link

    Advertisement ASSETTO DOJRP ADOJRP

    Hello, i am the current developer and Owner of a server neamed ASSETTO ROLEPLAY [ADOJRP] We used to be running with an avrage of 40-60 players before fivem added boosts needed to grow a server then we stopped running the server. we have recently decided to start running the server again an...
  13. Zan1456

    Request Okok Vehicleshop

  14. Sales 🔥 [PAID] Pursuit Mode & New NoPixel Cars (BEST PRICES)🔥

    Hey, I'm selling new NoPixel cars & Pursuit Mode. Prices: Pursuit Mode - 10$ (includes config & not encrypted) Dodge Charger - 20$ (includes custom audio) Ford Explorer - 20$ Dodge Charger + Ford Explorer - 30$ Dodge Charger + Ford Explorer + Pursuit Mode - 40$ Previews: Pursuit Mode - [PAID]...
  15. Answered [Help] how to set a speed limit?

    Can anyone tell me, how set a speed limit of all vehicle? It's like, I set a speed limit of 200 km/h, after that, every vehicle will run under 200 km/h.
  16. nickelrick

    Question Addon Vehicle Bulletproof tires

    how do I disable in the meta files for a addon vehicle to not have bulletproof tires by default. i have a car that i cant disable bulletproof tires on even in game with vmenu.
  17. Meta

    Vehicles Squaddie Vehicle

    ✌️Hello VAG Forum Family✌️ This is my first and only port/upload, and I just made an attempt. I’ve tested it and it worked for our server, but if there is anything that can be done better I highly appreciate comments on it! Download Link:*** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient...
  18. Meta

    Script Nekix Vehicle Shop

    👋 Hello everyone, I present my new script! 🗣This is my Vehicle Shop 📜 Notes: The sale of this script is not allowed You can use and modify it freely Script supported Webhook Incorporated Config.lua with all the config options I wanted to kindly ask you if it is possible not to change the name...
  19. Ares

    Script New Vehicle Gps System

    Greetings to all Vag.gg Members Today I am sharing a script that I came across from home and liked very much. - About Script - until now fivemde in-car gps was fully on at first then when you got in the car it would open and in my opinion this system will be used from now on The working...
  20. Ares


    CORE-VEHİCLE [ESX] Preview *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** VT

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