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  1. MLO/YMAP British AA MLO and Vehicles

    Here is a copy of the AA MLO's and Vehicles. Please note that you must fist install the qb-ajaxon_burton_lsc then add the AA-Building... If you have any British mlo's please let me know as willing to trade. Enjoy!
  2. Zan1456

    Request Okok Vehicleshop

  3. Sales 🔥 [PAID] Pursuit Mode & New NoPixel Cars (BEST PRICES)🔥

    Hey, I'm selling new NoPixel cars & Pursuit Mode. Prices: Pursuit Mode - 10$ (includes config & not encrypted) Dodge Charger - 20$ (includes custom audio) Ford Explorer - 20$ Dodge Charger + Ford Explorer - 30$ Dodge Charger + Ford Explorer + Pursuit Mode - 40$ Previews: Pursuit Mode - [PAID]...
  4. Answered [Help] how to set a speed limit?

    Can anyone tell me, how set a speed limit of all vehicle? It's like, I set a speed limit of 200 km/h, after that, every vehicle will run under 200 km/h.
  5. nickelrick

    Question Addon Vehicle Bulletproof tires

    how do I disable in the meta files for a addon vehicle to not have bulletproof tires by default. i have a car that i cant disable bulletproof tires on even in game with vmenu.
  6. Meta

    Car Squaddie Vehicle

    ✌️Hello VAG Forum Family✌️ This is my first and only port/upload, and I just made an attempt. I’ve tested it and it worked for our server, but if there is anything that can be done better I highly appreciate comments on it! Download Link:[Squaddie].rar (39.6 MB)
  7. Meta

    Script Nekix Vehicle Shop

    👋 Hello everyone, I present my new script! 🗣This is my Vehicle Shop 📜 Notes: The sale of this script is not allowed You can use and modify it freely Script supported Webhook Incorporated Config.lua with all the config options I wanted to kindly ask you if it is possible not to change the name...
  8. Ares

    Script New Vehicle Gps System

    Greetings to all Vag.gg Members Today I am sharing a script that I came across from home and liked very much. - About Script - until now fivemde in-car gps was fully on at first then when you got in the car it would open and in my opinion this system will be used from now on The working...
  9. Ares


    CORE-VEHİCLE [ESX] Preview Download VT
  10. Ares


    Core_vehicle v1.4.3 (latest) update is a translated version of ESX to QBCore. Good uses. Preview Download VT

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