1. sbeplayer


    Welcome to the BEST solution for decrypt fivem escrow Update : DECRYPT 10 FILE IN ONE TIME Join our discord for more information Code is visible, all decrypt (look video) With this product you can decrypt all fivem file without fxap or without key of cfx You just...
  2. fendy_start

    Script okokCrafting | FiveM Crafting System with UI | FULLY WORK

    Here you see okokCrafting + Features: *Item images are not included [Features] Craft and disassemble items; Crafting queue (that gets saved in the database); XP system (possibility of having different XP in each crafting table); Sections; Job/gang (QBCore) compatible; Proximity crafting...
  3. Jesus-

    Script OkokChatV2 Working

    Download: okokChatV2MadeByJesus dependency:[gameplay]/chattext/plain;charset=UTF-8
  4. Job Jobpack - 50 Jobs (All Working and tested)

    Preview: Download:
  5. Doner Kebab

    Script Police Job

    Description: I now also sell the Custom Police Script from Rijkdam separately. The police script is completely ready. And how it should work! The entire police script is completely Dutch, all Dutch EUPs and vehicles are in it. Everything is also translated after Dutch. Databases are included...

    Preview: Download: high_phone Enjoy :)
  7. XYZX

    Request searching NoPixel 3.5

    Searching Full NoPixel 3.5 Server working
  8. fusi0nreflex

    PAID [QBCORE] Starter Pre-made Server | NP Inspired

    QBCORE STARTER PRE-MADE I am selling my own working QBCore pre-made server, it is a completely look alike to qpixel. Sorry kazumi :/. It is basically qpixel but looks a bit older due too the fact I stopped working on it. It is a good one time price, it is a higher price too stop people from...
  9. fusi0nreflex

    Advertisement FD Development

    Welcome too FD Development! Are you looking for working resources for your FiveM server? Or perhaps, your looking for a pre-made plug and play server. Well, FD Development is your place, This server will contain working scripts/ resources and pre-made servers! We currently have our starter...
  10. ZUMBI3YT1


    (PREVIEW): NONE VT: FILE IS TOO BIG FOR VT DOWNLOAD : *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** Hope this helps whoever needs it!
  11. guguck

    Script Fivem Amazing Load Screen

    preview: download : MediaFire
  12. guguck

    Script esx_menu_default gvmp design

    gvmp style menu default colour is changable in html download: esx_menu_default
  13. guguck

    Script esx_menu_list redesign

    redesigned esx_menu_list colour is changable download link: esx_menu_list
  14. guguck

    ServerFile qbus server v3

    this is the qbus v3 server download: 3.64 GB file on MEGA
  15. guguck

    MLO/YMAP Paleto Mechanic garage

    hi this is a paleto mechanic garage download: MG SCRIPTS - Paleto Garage preview:
  16. Anonymouse

    Script Core Crafting - QBCore - Working (Outdated) (In comments below are fixes!)

    Make sure configure to your liking! Reason why i re-upload. Got allot of people comming to me that it isnt working. I fixed the issues you can happly configure to your liking! if any errors let me know! Good luck ! Updated with happy thanks to Falcon164 ...
  17. ALEN TL

    Script ESX - Solar Admin Panel

    Solar Admin Panel to work with esx 1.2 and esx 1.3 *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
  18. MaxHero

    Script Qb to ESX kaves_meth script thanks for Kaves