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  1. guguck

    Sales myGarage with myProperties and AdvancedParking

    hi im selling the new myGarage script included with myProperites and AdvancedParking it could be that the 2 scripts are already leaked but i'm giving it with guguck#7736 price: 10euro preview:
  2. guguck

    Loadingscreen Fivem Amazing Load Screen

    preview: download : MediaFire
  3. LondonStrapRP

    Advertisement Capri Roleplay!

    **BRAND NEW** *Server based in the UK!* *Looking for staff and new members.* **General Information** *There are many pathways you can take within CRP, for instance: A Business Man [you can create your own custom business and pitch to the server owner to be imported to the city!], A Gang...
  4. guguck

    Script esx_menu_default gvmp design

    gvmp style menu default colour is changable in html download: esx_menu_default
  5. guguck

    Script esx_menu_list redesign

    redesigned esx_menu_list colour is changable download link: esx_menu_list
  6. guguck

    Inventory gvmp inventory & trunk

    gvmp inventory + trunk with sql download
  7. guguck

    MLO/YMAP Paleto Mechanic garage

    hi this is a paleto mechanic garage download: Loading... | Linkvertise preview:
  8. Request myCrafting

    Hi, im looking for myCrafting script, has anyone seen it? cfx page

    Github: GitHub - TGIANN/kafi-drama-bank TR Not: Script İsmini kafi-bank Yapın EN Note: Make Script Name kafi-bank

    Script [ESX] GKSPHONE V1.2 Deobfuscated , No IP Lock [FREE]

    Ok Guys , So Basically. There is some di*khead in the community , trying to resell these shit for a higher price , basically the orginal file was decrypted from a private decrypter , the price there was like a 50$ or shit (Orginal cost of the phone is like 80$ to 120$ lol), I dont really care...
  11. Script [ESX] GKS PHONE v1.2 Unlocked

    Hi! Some scum on here are profiting from my unlocked obfuscated GksPhone. I'm doing a self leak to destroy their business plan. If you want to buy the fully deobfuscated version then write me a dm on Natix#1316. Changed price 50$!!! Video: gksphonev1.2 Download: 15.46 MB file on MEGA fu*k scum...
  12. guguck

    Script myCharcreator

    this is the mycharcreator script there is no support for this https://link-hub.net/391168/mycharcreator
  13. ALEN TL

    Sales GKSPHONE v1.2 full deobfuscated but having some bugs

    Willing to sell gksphone v1.2 fully deobfuscated. No license key required. Preview: Sellers: RLM | SOORAJ#9005 RiPCROZ#0007 Contact on Discord. The bugs will be fixed and the script will be updated. Price: 20 usd ==> 17.51 eur Working on fixing bugs. Interested only dm Thank You Edit...
  14. jonyjonyytb


    TODAY IM GONNA SHARE QB PHONE TO ESX , BUT IT'S USING PMA VOICE This phone i already fix by me for phone call and message come with LS-RADIO - pma voice QB-LAP RACE SCREENSHOT BASIC YOU NEED TO CHANGE THE WEBHOOK known bugs - you need to save other people numbers to make whatsapp...
  15. Jax_Danger

    Advertisement NEW | Newly Released | Join Discord | Economy | Custom Dealerships | Active Staff! | Lots Of Free Jobs!

    Hey everyone, I own a fivem gta rp server called New City Roleplay! I've worked super hard on the server and I'm trying really hard to get members! There are many channels in discord and people to talk to. Come join and have fun. Here is some information about the server: Before joining! The...
  16. Ivan_44

    Sales [PAID] [ESX] Tablet for LSPD EMS and Civilians [CAD System]

    PRX TABLET A NUI Tablet system created to work with ESX Framework (Don’t need web hosting to work) FEATURES App for civilians to view her own profile App for LSPD (register crime, opentimeclock integrated etc…) App for EMS (register treatments, opentimeclock integrated etc…) Settings Apps...
  17. guguck

    Request need myFarming / myJobsystem script

    does somebody have this script? https://forum.cfx.re/t/esx-eng-de-myjobsystem-with-delivery-missions-experience-system-and-manufacture-paid/2035832 and if u have the myLockers script too https://forum.cfx.re/t/mylockers-locker-system-with-keycard-and-password-perfect-for-roleplay/4772353/1 i...
  18. Request [Need] [ESX] Inventory & Protected container

    [Need] [ESX] Inventory & Protected container
  19. rakhan

    Question Convert Script ESX to VRPEX

    Does anyone have a tutorial to convert ESX scripts to VRP? please!
  20. Advertisement Coastal City | Serious RP | Nopixel Inspired | Custom Framework | Active Cops | Active Gangs

    Coastal City Roleplay [Coastal City Roleplay] Is a brand new FiveM ESX server that started in early December. [Our Discord] We currently have two police department's * Sheriff Office * Los Angeles Police Department Both Departments are currently Hiring and looking for very active players...

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