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  1. guguck

    Loadingscreen Fivem Amazing Load Screen

    preview: download : MediaFire
  2. guguck

    Script esx_menu_default gvmp design

    gvmp style menu default colour is changable in html download: esx_menu_default
  3. guguck

    Script esx_menu_list redesign

    redesigned esx_menu_list colour is changable download link: esx_menu_list
  4. guguck

    ServerFile qbus server v3

    this is the qbus v3 server download: 3.64 GB file on MEGA
  5. guguck

    MLO/YMAP Paleto Mechanic garage

    hi this is a paleto mechanic garage download: MG SCRIPTS - Paleto Garage preview:
  6. Car AL (DaynoFTW's) £20 Van Now FREE!

    lol enjoy this, the guy (DaynoFTW) is a toxic leaker and tried to make money himself, so I plus many of the British Modders leaked his own stuff. Download VAN rar Image:
  7. Request I'm looking for a zombie package

    I'm looking for a zombie package, you can reach it via discord for free discord : ! Beyto#0001
  8. badbristol


    BADBRISTOL IS THE BEST :sneaky: ORIGINAL SERVER : https://fivemm.shop/index.php/product/nopixel-full-server/ FULL SERVER NO ERRORS : https://gitlab.com/EthicalDevs/ethical-framework/-/tree/master PREVIEW :
  9. MeistroBurger

    Script [FREE] Custom Engine Sounds (Mega Pack with Aircraft Sounds)

    I've created this pack for my server, but wanted to share it with everyone, because I saw so many people looking for Engine Sounds. We use it together with core_vehicles, makes the roleplay much more fun! Share some love <3 Download...
  10. Meta

    Script Notix IDS - İDS Viewer

    ✌️Hello VAG Forum Family✌️ I hope this script, where the steam names of the players are seen during the roleplay, will be useful to you. Download Link: download VirusTotal: VT GOOD FORUMS🖋️
  11. mehme

    PSD Free FiveM Server Logo Design CemDesignV

    CemDesignV Free Logo Design PSD -Editable Font -Editable Size -Editable Color CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Preview İf you can't edit you can get help from discord.gg/TZUASBa
  12. Castillo


    Butcher table locations made to sell pelts/carcasses with redm_extended framework. When holding a pelt or a carcass at a butcher location, recieve a native prompt to sell the item to the butcher. Installation Clone this repository. Extract the zip. Import SQL items table Put rdx_butcher to...
  13. Samurai

    Script guille_jobcreator

    (Design by Loskis) Hi everyone, I am releasing this script that allows to create all your jobs ingame. You can create every job INGAME you want with a low resmon 0.01-0.03. The installation of the script is in the README. Features Low resmon Ui Create jobs ingame Delete them easy A lot of...

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